Why Is My Sprinkler Valve Not Working?

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Sprinklers keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round, so keeping all parts of the system in good working order is essential. One of the crucial parts you need to keep an eye on is the sprinkler valve, which is a component that controls how much water gets into the pipe that leads from the main line to the individual sprinkler heads.

If the valve has leaks or other problems, it will show signs that something isn’t right. Here are some things you should look for to know if you have a broken sprinkler valve.

1. Puddles on your lawn

The first sign that you may have a problem with your sprinkler valve is if you’re seeing small puddles of water in your yard. The valve is responsible for keeping the water flow regulated, so if the valve isn’t working correctly, the water will leak out of the pipes and cause puddles.

2. The water isn’t turning off correctly

Another sign that you may have an issue with your sprinkler valve will be if you notice that the water is not turning off when you already turned it off. When you turn off the water, the pressure should drop enough for the water to stop flowing through the pipes. If the water continues to flow even after you’ve turned off the water, then this could be a sign that your sprinkler valve isn’t working and needs to be repaired immediately.

3. Uneven water pressure

When you turn on the sprinkler, you should feel a slight increase in pressure as the water starts to flow. So if you don’t feel any change in pressure while you’re running water, you might want to check your sprinkler valve. A malfunctioning sprinkler valve will make the water flow unevenly, which makes it harder for the water to reach every part of your lawn.

What Causes a Sprinkler Valve to Fail?

Now that you know the signs of a defective sprinkler valve, you should figure out why it happened. There are several reasons why your sprinkler valve won’t be working correctly. Here are some of the most common ones.

1. Your sprinkler valve is stuck

Sometimes, the rubber gasket inside your sprinkler valve can get stuck, causing the sprinkler valve to fail to open and close properly. You’ll need to remove the cover plate and look at the rubber gasket to fix this problem. If the gasket looks old and worn down, you’ll need to replace it. Otherwise, you can just clean it up and use it again.

2. Your sprinkler valve is damaged

Your sprinkler valve can get damaged over time. This can be due to regular wear and tear or the harsh weather conditions in Indianapolis. For instance, the soil can crack around the sprinkler valve when the weather becomes very dry.

3. Your sprinkler system has incorrect wiring

Another reason for a defective sprinkler valve is if your wiring has been incorrectly installed. The wiring determines how the water flows from one part of your yard to another. Each valve has a solenoid that has two wires—a common wire and a zone wire. Common wires are often white, but any color will do as long as it is connected to the common slot on the sprinkler timer. It’s vital that each zone is connected with the common wire.

The water will not flow properly if the wires aren’t connected correctly. Therefore, a trained professional must install your sprinkler unit to avoid this problem.

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