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All homeowners covet a healthy, manicured lawn. The scent of fresh grass can lift your spirits during the early spring. A beautiful yard improves the aesthetic appeal of your home and can boost your daily mood.

However, to obtain greener grass and an eye-catching landscape, you must fertilize your lawn. Fertilization refers to providing your grass with the essential nutrients it needs to sprout. These nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Warweg & Co., Inc. is a full lawn care, outdoor lighting, and irrigation service company in Indianapolis and its surrounding communities. Our lawn contractors have over three decades of experience utilizing the most effective fertilization techniques in the industry. Our mission is to ensure the health and quality condition of your lawn.

Why You Must Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilization is an integral part of lawn and grass seed maintenance.

Feed Your Soil

One of the principal reasons you must fertilize your lawn each year is to feed your soil. Over time, soil loses many of the nutrients it needs to support grass growth. When it loses these nutrients, you will have dead grass and stunted growth.

Our lawn fertilization products improve the health of your soil, which in turn, allows your grass to grow quicker and healthier. The greenness of your grass directly correlates to the nutrients it receives.

Environmentally Friendly

The fertilizers our lawn care experts use are safe for the environment. In the past, many homeowners disliked fertilizers as they contained harmful ingredients. Today, most lawn care products are harmless.

There is no excess waste left on your lawn after our fertilizer application; your soil soaks up any residue remaining on your grass. You can also use lawn clippings as a homemade remedy to help your grass grow.


One of the perks of a fertilization service is its affordability. Unlike other lawn care services, you can receive a quality fertilization treatment without breaking the bank. Plus, you only need to hire us a few times per year to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Fertilization is an integral part of lawn and grass seed maintenance.

Common Lawn Problems

Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

If you encounter issues with your lawn, consider hiring our Greater Indianapolis lawn care company to help. If you experience any of the below problems, call our expert contractors for help.

Weed Control

If weeds are growing on your lawn, it is a critical problem you must address. Weeds are destructive and steal all the nutrients your grass and plants need to flourish. Weed whacking your grass does not eliminate your weed problem permanently. Fertilizing your lawn decreases the chances of weeds sprouting in your grass. Our trained professionals know the best methods of removing weeds from your home's lawn.


Kentucky Bluegrass is the most common grass type in the Indianapolis area. While it is a quality grass type, bluegrass is prone to rust. Typically, the cause of rusted grass is low nitrogen levels in your soil. Our lawn experts can treat your rusted soil with nitrogen fertilizer, reviving your grass and helping it appear greener.

Ring Spot

Necrotic Ring Spot is another common issue with Kentucky Bluegrass. You can identify Ring Spot by noticing circular patches of dead grass in your yard. Typically, these patches appear in late summer. They look visually unappealing and can lower the curb appeal of your home.

The Warweg & Co. Irrigation team cures Ring Spot with a heavy-duty fertilizer solution that refurbishes dead grass. Within weeks, you will see your grass appear greener and healthier.

What We Do

The first step of your journey toward lawn fertilization is to call our Greater Indianapolis office. One of our trusted customer service reps will take you through our process and send an experienced contractor to your home.

From there, we will tell you about our fertilizer applications and provide you with a free quote for our services. While we are firm with our prices, we try to accommodate your budget preferences.

Then, we will get you scheduled for your lawn treatment. We will use granular fertilizers to evenly feed your lawn over the next few weeks.

We recommend feeding your lawn approximately five to six times per year. Season long feeding provides a good root system and healthy lawn.

If your lawn is ready for a fertilization treatment, call our lawn experts to schedule an appointment.

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