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Lawn experts consider weeds parasites, as they devour the essential nutrients that grass and plants need to grow, including sunlight, nitrogen, and water. That is why you must seek help if out-of-control weeds take over your lawn.

Warweg & Co, Inc. is the leading weed control expert in the Greater Indianapolis community. With decades of experience, our licensed and insured technician can diagnose and resolve your lawn care issues efficiently. After our lawn treatments, your grass will look greener and healthier than ever before.

Advantages of a Weed Control Service

Thousands of Greater Indianapolis homeowners hire us for our exceptional weed control services each year. Here are some of the lawn care benefits we offer to our clients.

Greener Grass

The principal benefit of hiring our weed control company is ensuring that your grass is healthy. When weeds infiltrate your lawn, it looks aesthetically unpleasing. Grass cannot grow to its full potential when weeds are present. Warweg & Co, Inc. technicians use safe products to eliminate weeds from your lawn. Our weed removal process enables your grass and plants to soak in the nutrients they need to flourish.

Increased Curb Appeal

When your lawn is presentable, it improves your home’s curb appeal. That is why people planning to sell their homes often invest in a lawn care company to make their yard more appealing to potential buyers. Many home buyers dream of securing a home with a healthy, green lawn. Our weed treatments can improve the health of your grass, allowing it to thrive year-round.

Ensure Your Safety

Our weed control services are all about using components that are hazardous to the life of weeds but good for everything else (including your pets). At Warweg & Co., Inc, our team is committed to assisting you with all your weed control issues. We understand that your lawn has unique needs and concerns. We offer expert evaluations and customized treatment plans to rid your yard of those pesky weeds. When your grass has room to grow and the nutrients it needs, it can successfully take back its rightful place.

Prevent Immature Weeds

Another advantage of hiring our experienced weed control experts is we can help prevent immature weeds from sprouting. When weed seeds infiltrate your field, they can spoil your crops, making them unsellable. This issue causes farmers to lose thousands of dollars in revenue each year. Weeds can take over your field quickly. Soon, your entire field will fill with weeds. That is why you must invest in professional weed control services to get ahead of your weed problem. Other benefits of our weed control services include low-cut weed prevention, time consumption, and affordability.

Other benefits of our weed control services include low-cut weed prevention, time consumption, and affordability.

Our Process

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We pride ourselves on the seamless weed control process we provide to clients.

First, you can call our Indiana weed removal office to speak to one of our trusted agents. From there, we can send a technician to your home to assess your lawn damage.

Then, we will provide you with a free quote for our weed removal services. We do our best to work within your financial means and are always upfront about our prices.

Once you accept our quote, we will schedule a date and time to provide the service. Our technician will arrive on time and provide your lawn with the necessary products to reduce the amount of weeds in your grass.

The pre-emergent herbicide we use kills weeds immediately after they emerge through the soil. If your weeds are beyond the soil’s surface, we will use a post-emergent herbicide to eliminate them.

You will start seeing results within a week or two as the plants die off. With our treatment, banished weeds stay gone, leaving your lawn looking its lush, green self.

Also, you do not have to worry about any of the chemicals we use harming your lawn. We use environmentally-safe products to remove your weeds. Still, we suggest keeping kids and pets off your grass for four hours following our weed treatment.

Similarly, you should not mow your lawn for several hours after we perform our weed control service. Doing so will negate the effect of our weed control treatment.

Typically, we will schedule another herbicide application several weeks after your first treatment. Multiple applications maximize the impact on your lawn.

After resolving your weed issue, we recommend you practice proper lawn maintenance. We also offer many lawn care services for clients in need.

How Do Weeds Affect Your Lawn?

Crabgrass, clover, and dandelions are all familiar lawn residents. These and other common weeds are your grass lawn’s main competition. They offer no value to your yard’s landscape and, if not dealt with properly, may quickly overtake not only the grass but also flower beds and beyond.

The soil contains a limited amount of nutrients and oxygen for the plants it hosts. Regular fertilization and care can maintain these plants and rejuvenate the soil. Still, suppose weeds are dominating the area. In that case, they will pull the nutrients to themselves, draining them away from the other desirable plants. This makes your plants and lawn foliage more susceptible to diseases and pests.

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Controlling your weeds is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn.

Warweg & Co, Inc. is happy to provide top-notch weed control services to the Greater Indianapolis community. If you experience out-of-control grass issues on your lawn, call our experts at (317) 885-8983. We will walk you through our process and provide you with a free quote.

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