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While tiny, insects such as grubs and ants can cause a lot of damage to your plants or home. One thing to remember about pests is that once you see them, it is too late to easily get rid of them yourself. That is why you must hire a perimeter pest control company to protect the perimeter of your home.

With over 30 years of lawn service experience, Warweg & Co., Inc. contractors know how to resolve your insect control (Perimeter Pest Management) issue swiftly and effectively.

All of our lawn care experts are licensed and insured, guaranteeing that we will provide you with professional customer service and find a long-lasting fix to your problems.

Benefits of a Pest Control Service

Hiring our pest control experts is a no-brainer, thanks to their years of experience in perimeter pest management. Here are some of the advantages of our insect control (Perimeter Pest Management) services.

Damage Control

Insects can harm the foundation of your house without you noticing it. To ease your mind, our lawn care experts can spray the perimeter of your home with a liquid insecticide. This application destroys these harmful predators and prevents them from coming back.

Pest Identification

Many homeowners who attempt to eliminate their pest problems have trouble identifying the creature doing damage to their house. The insecticides we use are dependent on what kind of critter you have in your home. If you misidentify your pests, you can be doing unnecessary damage to your lawn. Our lawn care experts will quickly determine what kind of pest you have and plan accordingly.

Surface & Subsurface Prevention

Surface feeding insects damage turf by chewing the blades or extracting plant juice. These insects hide in the grass and burrow into thatch and debris above the soil. This often makes them difficult to locate.

Sub-surface insects, such as grubs, feed below ground on the grass roots. This feeding causes extensive damage to lawns. Warweg & Co., Inc's Insect Control service takes care of both types of insect problems and prevents infestation that could require extensive renovation or costly reseeding of your lawn.

Safe for the Environment

Many of the chemicals in pesticides are harmful to your health and deteriorate your lawn. Fortunately, our insect control spray is safe for the environment and your grass. Our green technology ensures that children and pets can roam freely on your lawn after applying our insecticides.

Our Pest Management Process

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Our hospitable customer service team will walk you through our insect control process when you call our Greater Indianapolis office. We will send one of our trusted specialists to scope out your insect infestation issue and set forward a plan of action.

Our pest removal team will provide you with a free quote for our services. If you have any questions about our pricing, do not hesitate to call our Greater Indianapolis office.

If pests enter your home, there is no limit to the damage they can do. That is why our technicians do their best to eliminate insects before they reach the perimeter of your home.

Whether insects get into your home or not, we can help exterminate them. Not only do our sprays remove insects, but they also prevent them from coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lawn care team receives hundreds of questions regarding our insect control process each year. Below are answers to some of our customer’s most frequently asked questions.

Perimeter treatment refers to the process of spraying insecticides around the perimeter of your house. Our mission is to prevent insects from entering your home. It is harder to eliminate pests in your home than catch them in their natural habitat.

Our pest control experts create a barrier around your home with our insecticides. Typically, this barrier measures 3ft up by 6ft out. We do not apply chemicals on the inside of your house.

Our insecticides are potent for up to three months.

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