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Many homeowners assume that they can eliminate grass problems with fertilizer. However, that is not always the case. When your soil feels the constant pressure of lawnmowers or foot traffic, it cannot receive the essential nutrients it needs to support grass growth, including sunlight, nitrogen, and water.

Aeration and seeding are two ways you can counteract compacted soil.

Warweg & Co., Inc. can help you achieve the greener grass you desire. Green grass has many benefits, including improved curb appeal, better crop growth, and quality flower sprouting.

Each of our lawn care experts have many years of aeration experience. We know the best methods of seeding to help keep your grass healthy.

Benefits of Aeration

Aeration refers to the process of poking holes in your soil to support grass and plant growth. Greater Indianapolis homeowners must aerate their lawns for several reasons. These aeration holes allow your soil to drain more fluidly, enabling it to absorb the nutrients your lawn needs to thrive.

Thicker Lawns

Letting your lawn aerate is critical for its health. When you eliminate compacted soil from your yard, your grass receives everything it needs to grow. It also allows your irrigation systems, such as sprinklers, to work more efficiently. After we aerate your lawn a few times, you will see spectacular results.

Winter Preparation

Another perk of our aeration services is it will help prepare your grass for the winter. When preparing for winter, you should aerate your lawn before fertilizing it. Doing so will help cool-season grasses thrive in the late summer and stay green throughout the winter.

Cool-season grasses naturally repair themselves in the early fall. Alternatively, aerate warm-season grasses in early summer while your soil is moist and most productive.

Benefits of Seeding

Seeding is another integral part of the lawn care process. The overseeding process refers to spreading grass seed over your lawn. Doing so replenishes your grass, eliminating dead grass and weeds.

Here are a couple of the benefits of grass seeding.

Lowers Pest Risk

Pests can severely damage your lawn. They can spread disease that circulates through your lawn. Many seed types help fight and prevent grass illnesses caused by these pests.

The Warweg & Co., Inc. lawn care team uses seeds that kill diseases instantly and deter pests.

Healthier Lawn

Seeding allows you to fill in areas of the turf that have been damaged by summer stress, diseases, or lawn damaging insects. It will also give grass a head start to establish roots before winter, making your lawn more pest, disease and drought resistant when spring arrives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our lawn care team receives many questions about our services from interested customers. Here are answers to some of your most asked questions.

You should aerate your lawn 48 hours before seeding. Doing so helps increase seeding efficiency. The aeration/seeding combination is the best way to protect your yard from decay and disease.

Aeration makes the seeding process more efficient. Aerating your lawn allows your soil to reap the benefits of grass seed, improving growth.

Plus, it will help fill in gaps in your yard, giving it a fuller look. When your lawn is well-maintained, it helps prevent injuries and improves the aesthetics of your outdoor areas.

You should aerate/seed your lawn depending on the grass type you have. For warm-season grasses, aerate in early summer. For cool-season grasses, aerating in the fall is your best option.

Overseeding is an ideal way to promote grass growth. It helps eliminate weeds from your yard and thickens your grass.

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