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When it comes to proper irrigation, it takes a team of experienced professionals to get the job done right. Warweg & Co., Inc. provides exceptional irrigation services for every type of yard in Greenwood, IN. Our experts use the best tools and materials to deliver unmatched services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Whether you have a new yard or need to upgrade your current landscape, Warweg & Co., Inc. can help you achieve a healthy green lawn that will make your neighbors jealous. Our sprinkler system services include more than a thorough yard watering. We cover every inch of your lawn, from the soil to the patio lighting, to ensure that your property’s exterior meets your aesthetic goals.

Our results speak for themselves. Check out our past work and why our customers love Warweg Irrigation team members by reading our reviews page!

Sprinkler Repair & Installaion Services in Greenwood

Sprinkler services are our specialty, so we know a thing or two about quality sprinkler systems. Whether you need to repair the ones you have or install a whole new system, Warweg & Co., Inc. can show you the best models and designs out there.

A quality sprinkler system can keep your grass looking green while helping you reduce your overall water consumption. We can help you find the right plan for your yard and show you the latest irrigation innovation.

Sprinkler Repair and Installation

If you have faulty or missing sprinklers, we can help. We offer professional sprinkler repair services to help you restore your yard's irrigation system and protect your growing grass.

Don't have a sprinkler system yet? We can help with that too. We'll show you the ideal layout and design for your lawn to achieve optimum efficiency and coverage.

In addition, every sprinkler installation comes with backflow testing, which Indiana state law requires. Call our team to learn more about your sprinkler system options and backflow testing.

Seasonal Preparations

As the weather changes, so do your lawn care needs. Unfortunately, Greenwood winters are no stranger to cold or freezing temperatures, which is why many homeowners struggle to protect their yards. Warweg & Co. Inc. Irrigation provides professional winterization services to ensure that your sprinkler system doesn't freeze up or receive any damage during the colder months.

Additionally, we provide spring and summer services. The spring brings warm weather that is ideal for plant growth. Our spring start-up services prepare your lawn for the upcoming weather change to help boost turf growth and soil texture.

Although our winters are cold, the summers can be scorching. Our summer services check your water usage and grass growth to ensure that your lawn can handle the heat.

Lawn Care Services in Greenwood

Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

The health of your soil plays a critical part in the overall health of your lawn. Plants of all kinds draw the nutrients they need for proper growth from the soil. 

 For example, every yard relies on three primary nutrients:


The primary nutrient that grass relies on for optimum growth and health


Stimulates the growth of roots and helps grass store moisture


Helps grass withstand extreme heat or cold by strengthening it and helping it absorb nitrogen

Our Greenwood fertilization services include using nutrient-rich fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to stimulate grass growth. In addition, our fertilizer is safe to use around pets and kids while typically giving you visible results within one week.

Seeding Services

Our professional seeding services can help you start a lawn from scratch or patch up an existing yard. We offer overseeding services in Greenwood.

We use overseeding after aerating your lawn to place seeds directly into the holes in the soil. This process helps grass grow deep roots that are more likely to withstand cold Greenwood winters.

Aeration Services

If your lawn feels hard to walk on, you likely have compacted soil. Hardened soil makes it difficult for turf to absorb oxygen and water, preventing proper growth. Additionally, compacted soil has a thicker layer of thatch, which can suffocate the turf and harbor pests.

Our aeration services in Greenwood loosen up the soil so it is softer to the touch and can properly release carbon dioxide.

Outdoor Lighting in Greenwood

Wareweg & Co. Inc. handles more than grass and soil. Our experts can help you transform your outdoor space with quality landscape lighting. We can place lighting in nearly part of your yard, including:



Flower beds




We can install elegant light fixtures to create an unparalleled ambiance or security lights for added property protection. Additionally, we can repair your current bulbs or fixtures to ensure that your landscape always has proper lighting.

LED Retrofitting

LED light bulbs offer unmatched vibrance and energy efficiency. As a result, homes and businesses across Greenwood are switching out their traditional light bulbs for LED lighting to increase energy savings and improve overall lighting.

Warweg & Co., Inc. can help you upgrade your landscape lighting with LED retrofitting and installation. Whether you want to accent your yard or completely light it up, our professionals can show you a wide range of lighting options that use durable LED bulbs and high-end fixtures.

Greenwood customers come back to us time and time again because our team offers exceptional customer service. Meet the team by reading about us and seeing why our customers love us!

Warweg & Co., Inc. provides unmatched irrigation services in Greenwood, IN, that won’t break the bank. Get a quote by calling (317) 885-8983.