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No dream home can exist without picture-perfect front and back yards to complement it. However, even though a thriving outdoor area is an essential element of building the ideal living space, many homeowners suffer through weed-infested, disease-ridden yards with dying grass. This is seldom by choice, but often because building and maintaining a great lawn is a tough challenge.

Many homeowners quickly give up on keeping lawns perfectly healthy and growing, especially in Shelbyville, IN, where the weather elements aren’t always working in our favor. However, just because yard maintenance is tough, that doesn’t mean you should give up on it. With professional lawn services from Warweg & Co., Inc, you can bring expert care to your home and keep your yard looking its healthiest without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Our team has served Shelbyville, IN, and the surrounding areas since we first started our company in 1990. In that time, we’ve learned how to keep a lawn looking its finest and have brought that expertise to countless Shelbyville homeowners.

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Irrigation Repair and Sprinkler Installation in Shelbyville, IN

The first and most vital step to creating a luscious lawn is to have a reliable irrigation system. With a top-quality sprinkler or drip irrigation system, you can give your grass the regular attention it needs to blossom into the perfect, healthy shade of green.

At Warweg & Co., Inc, we know that it takes more than an excellent sprinkler to get a lawn growing; you need the right sprinkler for your home and individual yard care needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of different top-of-the-line irrigation systems so that we can set up the best possible tools and get your grass growing in no time.

Whether you need a sprinkler system that covers a lot of ground and plant life or one for a small yard with nothing more than grass, our team has the solution for you. We also offer several irrigation services beyond sprinkler installation, including:

Sprinkler system repair

Annual irrigation maintenance

Backflow testing

Yard winterization

Spring startups

Our commitment at Warweg & Co., Inc. is to your home and the Shelbyville, IN community, not to a quick and effortless paycheck. So, when you schedule one of our services, we will treat your home with the professionalism it deserves and work diligently to set up your sprinkler system quickly and in a way that best promotes healthy lawn development.

Complete Lawn Care Services from Shelbyville’s Leading Professionals

Commercial grade fertilizer spreader

The foundation of every beautiful lawn is the soil. Unfortunately, caring for soil is a demanding process that many lawn care beginners struggle to do correctly. For example, something as small as unbalanced pH levels will fill a yard with weeds or thin grass and even lead to plant disease.

At Warweg & Co., Inc, we know all about what it takes to build healthy soil. When you trust us to liven up your yard, we’ll bring you top-quality fertilization that will provide the lawn with all the nutrients it needs to thrive. With our premium fertilizer, your lawn will abandon the thin, dull-colored grass it used to grow and start sprouting thick blades of a beautiful shade of green.

Once the soil is healthier and more effective, many of the weeds plaguing your yard will grow less frequently. But the vigorous weeds that do show up on rare occasions won’t last long, as our lawn care services also include complete weed control to annihilate those yard nuisances.

While fertilization and weed control are essential for building the front and back yard you’ve always dreamt of, it takes more to create the perfect outdoor space than those services. So, when you schedule lawn care with Warweg & Co., Inc, you’ll have access to plenty more beneficial services, including:

Insect control

Disease control

Grass seeding

And even more

Illuminate Your Lawn with Premium Outdoor Lighting in Shelbyville, IN

Outdoor lighting fixtures are the perfect finishing touches to put on a well-kept yard. Not only will lights accentuate the best parts of your lawn, but with enough high-quality lighting, you can keep your outdoor areas accessible regardless of the time of day. However, not just any outdoor lights will provide those benefits, nor will any lighting installer know how to maximize your light fixtures’ potential.

If you want the best lights in Shelbyville, IN, and the best team to install them, you can count on Warweg & Co., Inc. Over three decades of experience serving the Shelbyville community has given us the expertise to maximize your outdoor lighting investment. Our expert team offers the best products available and knows the installation techniques needed to keep them shining brightly for years.

When you choose outdoor lighting from Warweg & Co., Inc, you’ll have access to the following types of lighting fixtures:



Deck and patio lights

Pathway lights

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Creating a picture-perfect home lawn takes more work than many people realize. But with irrigation, lawn care, and outdoor lighting services from Warweg & Co., Inc, you don’t have to abandon your dream of having a gorgeous Shelbyville, IN yard.

Our team has helped Shelbyville homeowners like you create luscious and well-kept yard space for over 30 years. With our services, you can be the next to transform your unremarkable outdoor space into one rid of diseases, weeds, and pests and full of thick, beautiful green grass that you can enjoy day or night, thanks to our outdoor lighting.

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