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Many Greenfield residents want to have green grass all year long. However, harsh Indiana winters can make this seem like an impossible task. Warweg & Co., Inc. can help you achieve your lawn goals with professional sprinkler system services in Greenfield, IN.

Whether you want to make your commercial property more welcoming for customers or want to boost your home’s curb appeal, our irrigation experts can help you take your lawn to the next level. We can help you with outdoor lighting, lawn care, and various other irrigation services that help you turn your yard into a green paradise.

We know that yard work is often a tedious and unpleasant chore. That’s why our irrigation experts do the heavy lifting by installing new sprinkler systems and helping you design your ideal outdoor layout.

Warweg & Co. experts continue to produce beautiful results time and time again. Learn more about our team by reading about us and our sprinkler system services.

Sprinkler System Services in Greenfield

Warweg & Co., Inc. specializes in using top-of-the-line irrigation equipment and techniques to make every Greenfield yard look as healthy and beautiful as possible. One of the most valuable parts of any irrigation process is a sprinkler system.

Our experts can help you design an ideal sprinkler layout and provide professional installation to ensure that your lawn receives the necessary amount of water. Every sprinkler installation service comes with backflow testing. Under Indiana state law, all sprinkler installations must include backflow testing for safety and efficiency purposes.

Warweg & Co., Inc. professionals can help you find the best sprinkler system for your residential or commercial yard. We’ll also help ensure that your sprinklers continue to work efficiently with annual backflow testing and necessary repairs.

Seasonal Preparation Services

It’s no secret that Greenfield can have some brutally cold winters. However, springtime brings new life and optimum weather and sunshine for plant growth. Warweg & Company can help you keep your lawn healthy all year long. We offer spring and summer checkups as well as winterization services.

Our professionals can also show you the latest in irrigation innovation to help keep your yard watered and healthy, even while you are away.

Lawn Care Services in Greenfield

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Your lawn deserves expert care year-round. Warweg & Co., Inc. offers high-quality lawn care services in Greenfield to keep your yard looking green and soft to the touch.

Our experienced team specializes in developing ways to improve grass’s health and appearance, ensuring it looks its best year-round. We understand how much a lawn can impact the overall aesthetic of your Greenfield property. That’s why we take great care to determine your grass’s specific care needs and craft customized lawn care plans to help the turf reach its full potential.

We use pet and kid-friendly fertilizer that contains essential nutrients for lawn health, including:




Our fertilization process is so thorough that most customers see fuller, greener grass within a single week!

Seeding and Aeration Services

Whether you have a patchy lawn or no grass at all, we can help with professional overseeding and aeration services.

Over time, the soil in your yard can compact and harden, making it difficult for the turf to release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. Warweg & Co., Inc. provides professional aeration services to loosen your soil and give it better oxygen and water absorption.

Core aeration is the process of breaking up dirt so that it becomes softer and reduces thatch. Thatch is a thin layer that lies between the soil and turf. When thatch gets up to half an inch thick, it can suffocate your grass and become a welcoming environment for pests.

Our seeding and aeration services help residential and commercial lawns restore their vibrance and healthy grass. We customize every job to fit the unique needs of your yard and aesthetic goals.

Outdoor Lighting in Greenfield

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to add elegance and style to any outdoor area. Warweg & Co., Inc. can help you improve your property’s exterior aesthetic with quality outdoor lighting design, installation, and repair services.

Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to light up a walkway or add lighting to your shrubbery, Warweg & Company specialists have experience working with various types of landscape lighting. We’ll help you maintain your outdoor lights with bulb and fixture repairs as well as water damage or corrosion repairs.

If you don’t have any outdoor lights but would like to add to your commercial or residential landscape, our experts can help you design a lighting layout, pick fixtures, and decide on the types of bulbs. Additionally, we help Greenfield customers update their current lights by switching out their traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting can add a unique ambiance to any business. Whether you want to add to your business’s exterior with stylish lights or want to increase security, Warweg & Company experts can help you find the perfect lighting.

We can add lighting to nearly any part of your home or building’s exterior, including:

  • Flower beds
  • Walkways
  • Entryways
  • Patios
  • Trees
  • Columns
  • Stonework
  • Bushes

Whatever lighting design you have in mind, Warweg & Company can help you achieve it. We have lights ranging from low to high voltages to achieve your desired mood and create a unique outdoor aesthetic.

Warweg & Co., Inc. has experience working on every type of yard in Greenfield, Indiana. Contact us today to learn more about what our services can do for your outdoor property.

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