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Do you need new sprinklers to keep your lawn healthy and fresh? How about decorating your yard with lights to make it shine at night? When you need lawn care, irrigation, and outdoor lighting done right, you need Warweg & Co., Inc. on your side.

Choosing us is choosing the supreme lawn care and sprinkler company in McCordsville. Thanks to our team’s years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ll deliver stunning results.

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Cutting-Edge Sprinkler Repair & Installation Services in McCordsville

Smartly designed and placed sprinklers are crucial to maintaining the longevity of your lawn. Therefore, we offer state-of-the-art irrigation systems, permitting you to tend to your yard without fuss.

We tailor our sprinkler systems to match your budget, vegetation type, property usage, soil conditions, and more. Let us streamline your McCordsville yard maintenance. We guarantee we’ll save you time and money in the long run.

We offer extensive irrigation services for any lawn type, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Some irrigation services we offer include:

Lawn sprinklers and irrigation

We install, repair, and replace nearly every sprinkler on the market. This service includes backflow testing and installation, garden irrigation, and drip irrigation. We design every installation to save you water – and money – in the future.

Annual maintenance

Our McCordsville irrigation experts recommend getting your irrigation system checked annually. This regular checkup allows our team members to diagnose potential problems before they worsen and repairs become costly.

Seasonal preparation

No one wants to lose their sprinkler system to inclement weather. That’s why we offer seasonal services, winterization, and blowouts to protect your irrigation system.

Irrigation solutions

With our systems, you can stay consistent with your watering even when you’re not home.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in McCordsville

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Whether you need the proper fertilization for your grass to grow better or a new soil type to create the best conditions, Warweg & Co., Inc. has you covered.

Some of our McCordsville lawn care services include:


Your lawn needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for optimal growth. All our fertilizers utilize this power-blend of elements to give your yard new life.

Weed control

Our patented weed control methods are completely safe for animals, your grass, and garden plants.


Hard, compacted soil is a leading killer of grass. Core aeration loosens the ground, allowing carbon dioxide and oxygen to flow freely in and out.


We can overseed in conjunction with aeration, feeding the seeds directly into the spaces left by aeration.

Insect and mosquito control with Perimeter Pest Management

It’s hard to enjoy your outdoor spaces with mosquitos constantly snacking on you. Likewise, many common yard pests can eat and kill your plants and grass. With our insect and pest control, bugs are no longer a nuisance.

Disease control with fungicide applications

Fungus infestations can ravage plants and even trees. Gain control of your yard. Our disease control ensures your plants will live long, healthy lives unimpeded by fungal growths and other threats.

Beautiful Outdoor Lighting in McCordsville

Just as no yard is the same, neither is any property. We’ve installed outdoor lighting for many of McCordsville homeowners—each with their own design choices and preferences. Regardless of whether you want something to guide you along your walkway on dark, cloudy nights or something vibrant and eye-catching, call Warweg & Co. for all your outdoor lighting needs.

We can replace bulbs on your current setup, realign fixtures, rebury wire, and take care of any other lighting or repair needs you have. Many of our customers experience water damage and corrosion on their outdoor lighting—we fix that too. We’ll deliver outstanding results regardless of what service you need, creating the effect or purpose you desire for your property.

Are you new to outdoor lighting? Great! We’d love to get you started with one of our outdoor lighting packages, flawlessly installing it for you quickly and affordably. While lighting might seem simple, it’s a creative way to add a new layer of aesthetic depth to your property.

Some of the lighting projects we handle include:


Frame your home with decorative lights. Create a visual frame effect around your garage to bolster visibility at night.


Browse our site for great examples of our professional landscape lighting jobs. Get lighting that makes your neighbors admire your style.

Decks and patios

Many of our customers request this service to make pathways easier to see in the dark, but we can also provide stylish options for patios and other outdoor living spaces.


While mostly functional, we can make eye-catching designs built for pathways and other outdoor luminal spaces.

Whether you need residential work done to impress your neighbors or you want something functional for a commercial space, call Warweg & Co., Inc. for all your McCordsville lighting needs. If you need a lighting service not listed, call us. We’ll see if we can handle it for you.

Need suggestions? Our team has an excellent eye for style. Even if you’re unsure how you want to approach your lighting project, we’ll walk you through each step, offering our professional advice so you can make an informed decision.

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