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Complementing your Avon, Indiana’s home with outdoor lighting and a weed-free lawn can bring you immense joy. Whether you own a home or rent a house with an outdoor space, having a well-maintained outdoor area can make all the difference in the world. Warweg & Co., Inc. is here to cater to all your sprinkler system, lawn care, and outdoor lighting needs.

We have over three decades of lawn care experience, and our customer reviews are a testament to that. We provide:

Certified Backflow Testing

Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

Low Voltage Outdoor Light Fixtures

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Overseeding and Aeration

Weed Eradication

Lawn Fertilization and Feed

We also offer outdoor solutions to match every changing season Avon, Indiana, has to offer. Read more about us and our services to see how we can meet all your garden care and lighting needs.

Meet Indiana’s State Mandated Testing Requirements and Your Outdoor Needs with Our Sprinkler System Services in Avon

Having an outdoor area in Avon comes with many state-required certifications and systems checkup needs. Finding solutions for these requirements can be a strenuous task.

With Warweg & Co., Inc. packages, you can rest assured that you will have all your testing, checkups, and maintenance needs met.

We offer year-long sprinkler system packages covering Indiana’s mandated certified backflow testing requirements. Plus, we offer spring and winter irrigation system startups.

Buying and installing a sprinkler system can be a huge hassle, especially considering possible system malfunction emergencies. Our irrigation packages provide preventative and proactive maintenance to help you avoid those emergencies and save you a fortune.

You can choose from our classic, elite, or prestige plan to match your sprinkler system needs. All plans include spring startups, winterization services, backflow preventer testing, and priority scheduling services. You can download the package information forms on our official website or get in touch with us to find the best money-saving plan for your sprinkler systems.

We also offer aeration and overseeding services for clients to aid their landscaping needs. Our aeration packages include sprinkler marking, irrigation control, soil compaction, heat reduction, and lawn aeration services.

Take Advantage of Our Seasonal Maintenance and Lawn Care Services in Avon Today!

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The answer to a well-groomed and healthy garden lies in seasonal weed control and quality fertilization application. Fortunately, our lawn care packages offer just that.

The constant change in Avon’s climate makes lawn care an essential service. Warweg & Co. Inc. lawn care professionals offer the expertise needed to rid your lawn of unwanted pesticides.

Enjoy the natural environment of Avon by hiring us for the maintenance of your lawn.

Our Hoosier Select Lawn Care plan offers six applications that can stretch throughout the year, covering the warm summers and harsh winters of Avon. Our six-application package offers grub control application, spot weed control, preventative crabgrass control, and slow-release fertilization.

We offer dependable weed eradication and fertilizer application services to prep your lawn for a beautiful and alluring landscaping process. Our partnership with Purdue University’s Turf Science Program allows us to provide personalized weed control and lawn care services apt for Avon lawns.

Get in touch with us to get a custom quote for our Hoosier Select plan today. Our lawn care professionals do their best to work within your budget. We are always up front about our pricing.

Get Customized Lawn Care and Outdoor Lighting in Avon with Warweg & Co., Inc.

Optimally designed, installed, and well-lit outdoor landscape lighting is a necessity that expands beyond an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area. Whether you want to ensure the visibility of your outdoor garden during nighttime or safeguard your home with an illuminated outdoor space, our outdoor lighting services will do the trick.

Our services go beyond lawn care, irrigation, and aeration packages. We also offer outdoor light design, maintenance, and installation. Warweg & Co., Inc.’s outdoor lighting technicians work with you to provide pocket-friendly LED lighting options. These lighting setups help illuminate your garden space and help you save money on your electricity bill.

Allow us to execute your vision of creating a beautiful exterior that shines across your neighborhood while providing a great sense of security. We offer a low voltage ten fixture LED professional lighting package starting at $1,995.

You can contact us to find an affordable outdoor landscape lighting plan for your Avon home.


We provide annual system maintenance and checkups for our clients, helping them avoid costly repairs with our thorough inspection services. Our technicians are certified by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, ensuring an optimal and certified sprinkler system service.

LED lighting has many benefits. Because these lights use 50% less electricity than other bulbs, you conserve a lot of energy. Plus, most LED lights come with dimming features, giving you optimal control of your lighting systems.

Our lawn care professionals service your lawn every seven to eight weeks. However, our technicians are always available to answer free service calls between these applications. We partner with the best vendors and organizations to offer you the best lawn care and fertilization services possible.

Rely on Warweg & Co., Inc. For Professional and Certified Irrigation, Lighting, and Lawn Care Services for Your Avon Home

Whether it is the installation of Hunter Irrigation Sprinkler Systems or our partnership with Purdue University, Warweg & Co., Inc. prides itself on providing professional and dependable services to Avon residents.

Our 32 years of service paired with our winning accolades, including recognition from the reputable Angie’s List Super Service Award, is a testament to our dedication and optimal service.

Get guaranteed satisfaction on a weed-free lawn, optimal outdoor lighting design, or irrigation system with Warweg & Co., Inc.’s affordable packages. You can contact us by filling out our customer questionnaire form.

Let the professionals at Warweg & Co., Inc. offer our expertise to create a beautiful and well-maintained outdoor landscape space for your home.

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