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As the leading Whiteland sprinkler and lawn care company, we make it possible for you to have the landscape of your dreams. We have been transforming properties and making sure that they look their best since 1990. Over the past 32 years, we have acquired vast knowledge in various irrigation systems and lawn care methods and expanded to outdoor light installations.

Our services can help boost your home’s curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home. Take a look at the wide range of services we provide in Whiteland.

Irrigation Services in Whiteland

Whether you’re exploring new sprinkler system options, interested in custom drip irrigation, or need repair or maintenance of your current system, we can assist.

Sprinkler Repair and Installation

Even the best sprinkler systems malfunction from time to time. When that happens, it’s best to reach out for professional help. Our expert technicians have experience diagnosing all types of sprinkler problems and are equipped with the right tools to repair them.

Common issues with irrigation systems that we see all the time include:

Leak in the sprinkler pipes

The roots are growing through the sprinkler nozzle

Debris is clogging the pipelines

Roots are squeezing the pipes shut

We also specialize in sprinkler installation and upgrades. We can help you choose the right system based on your specific needs.

Perhaps you’re interested in investing in automatic sprinklers or expanding zones to ensure that your entire lawn gets the amount of water it needs. Are you considering upgrading to drip irrigation? Drip irrigation is all the buzz because it delivers water directly to the roots. We can get the job done.

In all sprinkler and irrigation services, we consider:

The shape and overall size of your lawn

Water requirements

The size of your garden

Sprinkler Winterization

Winters in Whiteland can be brutal. When the temperatures drop, it’s time to winterize your irrigation system so that it doesn’t freeze over and burst. Winterizing your sprinklers also extends their lifespan. Our technicians will shut off the water supply to the sprinklers, drain the pipes and insulate the above-ground components to keep everything working properly come spring.

Sprinkler Spring Start-Ups

After an extensive period of inactivity, it’s best to let the pros restart your irrigation. The winter months can wreak havoc on the underground components of your system. Our licensed professionals will check to ensure the system is operating correctly, slowly open the supply valves, and pressurize the lines and water mains.

Backflow Testing

Did you know the state of Indiana requires that backflow devices undergo testing in new irrigation installation and when you restart the sprinkler system in the spring? Backflow can pose a serious health risk if it infiltrates your home’s drinking water. Water collected in your sprinklers often contains fertilizer, pesticides, and other contaminants. Only a licensed professional can perform testing on backflow devices. That’s where we come in.

Lawn Care Services in Whiteland

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Get the picture-perfect lawn of your dreams when you invest in our lawn care program that aims to restore problem areas, promote growth and create a lush and vibrant lawn.

Proper lawn care is crucial. When your lawn is well-maintained, it can withstand threats from weeds and insects, which can severely damage your grass. It also ensures that shrubs, flowers, and grass can fight diseases.

Our experienced team specializes in developing ways to improve grass’s health and appearance, ensuring it looks its best year-round. We understand how much a lawn can impact the overall aesthetic of your Whiteland property. We use slow-release fertilizers to feed your lawn over weeks instead of in one shot.

We also provide the following lawn care services when necessary:

Core aeration

If your lawn is hard or there is a lot of foot traffic, your lawn’s soil can be compacted. Core aeration is a mechanical process that loosens the soil, allowing it to release carbon dioxide and helping it to absorb the oxygen, nutrients, and water it needs to grow.


After we aerate your lawn, our technicians will overseed it. The direct seed to soil method will help the new grass grow from deep roots.

Outdoor Lighting in Whiteland

Never underestimate the power of quality and strategically placed landscape lights. The suitable lighting scheme can instantly transform your home from dark and uninviting to warm and appealing.

Do you have a particular lighting scheme in mind? Hire our crew to bring your vision to life.

Landscape Light Fixtures Installation

We specialize in beautiful outdoor lighting treatments such as:

Post lights

LED and Motion Activated Lighting

Wall Lights

String Lights

Upgrade conventional lighting schemes for an efficient system that can stand the test of time. Outdoor LED lights have become popular in the last few years because they don’t break as easily as traditional bulbs and conserve energy.

Lights Repair

Are you having problems with your landscape lighting fixtures? No worries. Our experts can replace blown light bulbs, realign fixtures, and repair wires and sockets that have sustained water damage.

Get Expert Lawn Care and Landscape Service in Whiteland

Searching for a lawn care expert in Whiteland that you can trust? With over three decades of experience, our experts have lots of knowledge in caring for the yard properly. We do it all from custom sprinkler solutions, expert fertilization techniques, backflow testing, and outdoor lighting setup. Read about our services on our about us page.

Let Warweg & Co., Inc. handle the labor that comes with maintaining your lawn and landscape lighting needs. That way, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful yard. Call us today at (317) 885-8983 to book an appointment.

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