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As the top Westfield sprinkler system and lawn care company, we have the best solutions to remedy any situation. Whether you’re interested in installing a state-of-the-art sprinkler system, need help fertilizing your lawn, or installing outdoor lights to transform your landscape, we can get the job done.

We have served Westfield, Indianapolis, and surrounding areas for over three decades. Our technicians have undergone extensive training and have years of on-the-field experience.

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Irrigation Services, Westfield

If you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system in place, you’re doing a significant disservice to your yard. Properly installed irrigation systems will keep your lawn lush and green. They also ensure that your plants and trees are healthy.

Some of the top signs of inadequate water distribution are dying plants and brown grass. Additionally, you may have problems with aging irrigation systems, such as faulty sprinkler heads and leaking valves. No worries. That’s where we come in.

We offer the following irrigation services:

Sprinkler Repair

Are your sprinklers malfunctioning? Perhaps debris is clogging the pipelines, or your pipes are leaking. Common sprinkler issues are:

The sprinkler system is using too much water, leading to water wastage and erosion

An old valve is causing a slow leak

The sprinkler system has low pressure

Our technicians have years of experience diagnosing various sprinkler problems and repairing all types of sprinkler systems manufactured by different brands. We have the tools and parts to repair and restore your sprinklers to normal working conditions.

Back-Flow Testing

Sprinkler systems use backflow devices to prevent the used water they collect from flowing back into your home’s drinking water. Used water collected by the sprinkler system often contains pesticides, fertilizers, and other contaminants.

Indiana requires backflow testing of irrigation installations to ensure that backflow devices are operating correctly. A licensed technician must perform back-flowing testing. Here at Warweg & Co., Inc, we offer regular inspections and maintenance of your home’s backflow devices to ensure that they meet state regulations.

Sprinkler System Winterization

We also recommend that homeowners invest in winterization services to protect their irrigation system. When temperatures drop, the last thing you want is for your sprinklers to freeze and sustain damage. One of the winterizing techniques we use involves pumping all of the water out of your sprinklers and the pipes to keep them from freezing over and bursting when it gets cold. This service will increase the life of your sprinklers.

Sprinkler Installation and Add-Ons

Let our team handle the installation if you’re ready to ditch a manual irrigation system and invest in high-quality sprinklers. We offer customized solutions that ensure your lawn gets a balanced amount of water so that it stays healthy.

Upgrade your current sprinkler system by expanding zones to other areas needing precipitation. Our technicians can add on or rework your existing irrigation system to ensure your entire lawn is in good shape.

Spring Startups

Shutting down your sprinklers during the winter is key to preserving your irrigation system. As soon as the snow thaws and the temperatures increase, though, it will be time to start your sprinkler system up again. Unfortunately, homeowners make the mistake of attempting to start up their sprinklers without a thorough inspection. Our experts can have your sprinklers up and running in no time while avoiding any complications. Starting up your sprinkler system without professional help could damage the entire system, leading to poor irrigation of your lawn.

Professional Lawn Care Services in Westfield, IN

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A beautiful lawn starts with a quality lawn care program that includes fertilization, pest control, and regular maintenance during all seasons. When you hire our team of experts, we specialize in developing ways to improve grass’s health and appearance, ensuring it looks its best year-round. We understand how much a lawn can impact the overall aesthetic of your Westfield property. That’s why we take great care to determine your grass’s specific care needs and craft customized lawn care plans to help the turf reach its full potential.

Warweg & Co. Inc. lawn care program aims to improve the health of your yard’s soil to create a lush and vibrant lawn by offering the following measures:

Core Aeration

This process extracts soil, thatch, and grass from the surface to reduce compaction increase nutrient and water penetration.

Fertilization Treatments

Fertilization is a crucial part of our lawn care program. The amount of fertilization your lawn receives is vital because every lawn requires a balanced amount of fertilizer to keep the grass from becoming too choleretic.

Weed Control Treatments

Making sure that your lawn stays weed free helps the grass grow faster and thicker. Let Warweg & Co., Inc be your weed control experts

Expert Outdoor Lighting Installation in Westfield, IN

A professional landscape lighting scheme can make a world of difference. Landscape lighting not only enhances the aesthetic value of your home but also improves its safety and security. A professional outdoor lighting setup can transform your home from dark and scary to appealing and inviting.

We offer a variety of lighting services that include:

Landscape Lighting Repair

We can replace blown bulbs, realign lighting fixtures, and repair corroded wires and malfunctioning sockets caused by water damage.

Lights Installation

Our professionals can install or update your outdoor lighting scheme, including the strategic placement of light fixtures and installation of accent and security lighting.

LED Bulb Conversion

- Say goodbye to conventional lighting and upgrade to modern lighting. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings each year. They also have a long lifespan, and they don’t break easily.

We Keep Your Lawn Looking Its Best

Every homeowner deserves to have the yard of their dreams. We make that possible! Warweg & Co. Inc. offers a wide range of services to keep your lawn looking great and performing to your highest standards. We work hard to produce high-quality results, from customized sprinkler solutions, expert fertilization assistance, and landscape lighting installation. As one of the top irrigation companies in Westfield, we guarantee professional and reliable services. Check out our about us page and call us today at (317) 885-8983 to schedule an appointment.

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