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Professional Irrigation Services in Franklin

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Professional irrigation services can help your yard look fresh all year long. Warweg & Co., Inc. in Franklin has what you need to keep your residential or commercial lawn looking its best season after season.

We know that no two lawns are the same. That’s why we customize our services to fit your unique objectives and help you achieve your ideal yard. Our experts use the best tools and materials available to give customers an array of options to choose from while guaranteeing high-quality results.

Whether you need to refresh an outdated lawn or start from scratch, Warweg professionals can help you revive your yard and create a striking property exterior. See what our Franklin customers say about our services by checking out our reviews page!

Sprinkler Services in Franklin, IN

Many Franklin lawns use a sprinkler system to maintain optimum lawn health and keep grass looking fresh. Warweg & Co., Inc. Irrigation knows how to customize a sprinkler irrigation design based on soil conditions, vegetation, and various other factors unique to your lawn.

A professional sprinkler system can keep your grass healthy while saving on water and related utility costs. Our irrigation experts provide various sprinkler services for every type of lawn in Franklin, IN.

Design and Installation

Whether you have a new property or want to add a sprinkler system to an old yard, Warweg Irrigation experts can help you with the design and installation process. We can help you find the most cost-efficient design for your residential or commercial property in Franklin.

Sprinkler Repair

Our sprinkler services are available even after the installation process. We provide professional sprinkler repair for any type of system or yard, even if we didn't install it.

Backflow Services

According to Indiana state law, backflow testing is a legal requirement for all irrigation installation services. Our licensed professionals provide annual backflow testing to ensure proper maintenance for your residential or commercial irrigation system.

Seasonal Prep

Seasonal preparation is an essential part of irrigation system maintenance. Warweg Irrigation experts provide spring and summer check-ups as well as winterization services to keep your sprinklers functional year-round.


Need to add to your current sprinkler system? Our Franklin irrigation experts know how to strategically place add-ons and modify sprinkler systems to fit your irrigation needs and lawn aesthetic.

Franklin, IN Landscape Lighting Services

Outdoor landscape lit up at night

At Warweg & Co., Inc., we know it takes more than healthy grass to create an exceptional lawn. We offer professional landscape lighting services to help you take your outdoor space to the next level, whether you want to light up a pathway or add a unique accent to your bushes.

Lighting Installation and Repair

outdoor lighting can take an ordinary yard and turn into a high-end social spot. We offer professional installation services to help you achieve your exterior lighting and aesthetic goals as well as repairs.

LED Bulb Retrofitting

LED lights offer maximum lighting and energy efficiency. We help Franklin residents upgrade their current landscape lighting by assisting them in switching from traditional light bulbs to state-of-the-art LED lights.

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Warweg & Co., Inc. Irrigation understands the value of having professional lighting on commercial property. We can help you improve your professional outdoor area with stylish accent lights or add security lighting.

Your Franklin, IN Lawn Care Service Experts

A healthy lawn can create a beautiful outdoor space and make your property look more welcoming. Warweg & Co., Inc. experts know what it takes to make a Franklin lawn look its best. We offer a wide range of lawn care services to help you revive your old yard or add improvements.

Fertilization Services

A quality fertilizer is key to achieving healthy and beautiful green grass. Lawn fertilization is necessary because it puts back the nutrients that healthy grass needs. It gives it the necessary minerals and compounds for the growing season and provides it with a nutrient buffer for the non-growing season. Keeping the soil healthy and rich year-round ensures that your lawn will be healthy year-round, too. We use pet and kid-friendly fertilizer that dramatically improves your grass's density and thickness. Most of our customers can see results within one week! Warweg & Co., Inc. uses a top-of-the-line fertilizer that contains essential nutrients for your grass, including:

  • Phosphorus to stimulate growth in the roots
  • Nitrogen for overall grass health and greenery
  • Potassium that strengthens grass and helps it absorb more nitrogen

Although our fertilizer is kid and pet-friendly, we recommend letting it set into the grass correctly before letting anyone walk around on it.


As your family continues to walk on the grass, it becomes compacted. Grass compaction makes it feel hard to walk on and prevents your lawn from absorbing necessary amounts of oxygen and water. Additionally, this can create a thicker layer of thatch, which sits between your grass and the soil and also blocks nutrient absorption.

Core aeration loosens hard grass or soil so it can absorb more oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Aeration is critical if your lawn has more than half an inch of thatch, as this can suffocate your grass and lead to bacterial growth from pests.


When your lawn needs a little extra help, we offer professional overseeding services:

Overseeding is the process of placing grass seeds directly into the aeration holes. This process makes it easier for roots to grow deep into the ground and produce healthy grass. We typically use overseeding during the fall to prepare your yard for the winter.

Warweg & Co., Inc. offers a comprehensive maintenance plan to help you keep your yard looking fresh year-round while saving you money. Contact us to learn more about lawn care maintenance in Franklin.

From sprinkler systems to new lawns, Warweg & Co., Inc. has the tools and expertise Franklin residents need for healthy and beautiful yards. Call us at (317) 885-8983 to see what our irrigation services can do for your residential or commercial property!

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