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Expert Architectural Lighting Installation in Indianapolis

Enhance the look and feel of your exterior architecture with a carefully designed lighting system.

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Your home looks great during the day, but how does it look at night? Standard outdoor lighting doesn’t always do justice to the appearance of most architectural designs.

Specialized architectural lighting retains the functionality of conventional landscape lights while enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal.

The process of completing architectural lighting is highly technical, as there are many variables to consider. At Warweg & Co., Inc, we have more than three decades of experience delivering comprehensive architectural lighting solutions to homeowners and businesses in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Our contractors accentuate your property’s best features using the most compatible lighting systems. Call us now to discuss your project.

The Advantages of Architectural Lighting

Some of the top benefits of architectural lighting include the following:

It Accentuates Architectural Features

Visitors or passersby looking at your property should appreciate the exterior architectural design at all times. Quality architectural outdoor lighting will highlight your overall exterior design and bring more attention to landscaping elements, even in low light conditions.

It Complements Existing Outdoor Lighting

Have you mounted some outdoor lights already? Professionally installed architectural outdoor lighting can complement the existing system, making it more efficient overall.

It Can Lead to Improved Property Valuation

Architectural lighting highlights the best parts of a structure’s exterior design and improves public perception of the property. Therefore, owners often report value increases for their homes after the installation.

It Enhances Security and Safety

Architectural lighting installation improves a property’s aesthetic appeal, but it does more than that. A side effect of showing off the architectural designs is better illumination of otherwise dark areas. This gives burglars or nocturnal animals fewer hiding places. Additionally, the gentle and indirect light falling across the landscape can light up walkways, decks, stairs, and patios in a more charming manner than floodlights.

Our Architectural Lighting Process

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At Warweg & Co., Inc, we can bring the benefits of architectural lighting to any property, thanks to our expertise and commitment to providing custom solutions.

Our process starts with intensive consulting and ideation because no two properties are the same. During the consultation process, we take note of the best features of your property and the general landscaping arrangement. This allows us to establish areas that require bold lighting designs and those that will benefit from more subtle embellishments.

Our final quote for the project will contain a thorough presentation of the lighting fixtures required for the job and a clear presentation of our design decisions.

We deploy highly efficient lighting fixtures that won’t dramatically increase your utility bill. With our industry connections, we can source a wide range of energy-efficient LEDs and other low voltage lights to fit your project.

Our expertise and experience guarantee dramatic results in architectural lighting projects across diverse sectors. You can expect the following from us on every project:

Use of light fixtures consistent with the property type

Perfect measurement of required illumination

Strategic placement of lighting fixtures

Use of premium light fixtures

Common Problems in Architectural Lighting Installation

Some of the main problems we see with poorly installed architectural lights include the following:


Excessive or uncontrolled brightness may be uncomfortable for anyone outside the property.

Light trespass or reflection

This occurs when light spills over into an unwanted area. Poorly installed architectural outdoor lights may provide unwanted illumination in indoor spaces.

Inadequate light level

The goal of the architectural outdoor lighting installation is defeated if it’s well below the recommended light levels, according to IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America).

Hiring experienced architectural lighting installers is the best way to avoid these common problems.

Architectural Outdoor Lighting


You can light the outside of a building by strategically combining landscape lighting systems with architectural lights.

Architectural lighting fixtures occupy structures such as pillars, sculptures, and other landscaping elements.

Why Choose Warweg & Co., Inc. for Your Architectural Lighting Needs?

At Warweg & Co., Inc, we are one of the top architectural lighting installers in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Our customer-first approach and attention to detail ensure excellent delivery on most projects. We keep our clients happy from the consultancy stage down to after-sales support. Call us today at (317)885-8983 to discuss your project.