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Backflow Testing and Installation By Local Irrigation Experts in the Indianapolis Area

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Unfortunately, backflow is a common problem for Indiana sprinkler systems. When non-potable water invades your family’s drinking water, it can impact more than your irrigation system and outdoor property.

At Warweg & Co., Inc., we offer professional backflow testing and installation for residential and commercial properties in the Greater Indianapolis area. Indiana state law requires licensed professionals to perform a backflow test with every irrigation installation and routine maintenance. Our experienced and certified professionals can help you protect your family’s water supply with expert backflow testing and prevention.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is when non-drinkable water enters your drinking water or the public water supply. Since this potentially hazardous water comes from your yard, it can contain various contaminants, including fertilizer, pests, animal waste, pesticides, and other non-potable elements. As a result, backflow can lead to multiple health issues, affecting your entire family.

Backflow contamination can come from plumbing, gardening, and various other areas that use water. Indiana has strict regulations regarding backflow preventers to protect each city’s potable water supply and prevent harmful contamination. At Warweg & Co., Inc., we can help you better understand state regulations and ensure that your irrigation system remains compliant and safe through annual backflow testing and installation services.

How to Identify Backflow

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Professional backflow testing is the only way to identify potential water contamination. However, common signs of dirty water include discolored water or a lack of water pressure. At Warweg & Co., Inc., we use state-of-the-art devices for professional backflow testing.

To ensure that your drinking water supply remains clean, we suggest scheduling a backflow test at least once a year. Not only does this help prevent serious health issues, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your family is consuming clean, safe drinking water.

How Does a Backflow Device Work?

Backflow prevention devices prevent contamination by maintaining a one-way direction for your water. Doing so helps keep unwanted bacteria and fungi away from your family’s drinking water.

Sprinklers aren’t the only system that uses backflow devices. Fire protection equipment, boilers, and ice machines use these essential devices to keep drinking water free of dangerous contaminants.

Backflow Testing FAQS

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management requires that all water lines connecting to the public water supply have a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer (PR) or a pressure type vacuum breaker (PVB). Having a backflow preventer is not only necessary for compliance reasons but for protecting your and your family’s drinking water.

Backflow preventer testing ensures that your preventer is doing its job and protecting your drinking water supply. Backflow testing laws require that a certified professional perform the test and check your preventer.

At Warweg & Co., Inc., we have licensed and certified backflow testing professionals who can help ensure that your irrigation and drinking water remain separated. Our backflow installation and testing services include:

  • Weekend backflow testing
  • After hours backflow testing
  • Regulation-approved and compliant irrigation device testing
  • Irrigation repairs, installation, and testing


We recommend scheduling professional backflow testing at least once a year. Whether you have a small garden or a large yard, if you have a sprinkler system, it is vital that you test for backflow regularly.

Backflow testers must be registered and certified through the state of Indiana. We will test your backflow preventer according to state cross-connection regulations and report our findings. We must submit this report to the city within ten days.

Our professional backflow tester will check various parts of your sprinkler system, such as:

  • Air gaps
  • Reduced pressure backflow preventers
  • Valve assemblies
  • Pressure type vacuum breakers


Once we complete our report, we will also provide you and your water supplier with a copy.

At Warweg & Co., Inc., our team follows all compliance regulations and codes to ensure that we test every customer’s backflow preventer properly.

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