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Quality irrigation is one of the most transformative services an Indianapolis homeowner can bring to their property. With the right tools and techniques, your irrigation system will take any dull or unhealthy lawn and turn it into a picture-perfect outdoor space blossoming with lush green grass. And there is no better team to provide irrigation services in the Indianapolis area than Warweg & Co., Inc.

Our team has served the Indianapolis area since 1990, providing unrivaled lawncare expertise at every appointment along the way. Our technicians are trained and certified to bring you the best irrigation systems available and professionally install them quickly and at a competitive rate.

Irrigation Services We Provide

It takes more than training and expertise to build a beautiful lawn from scratch. On top of a team that knows yard care like the back of its hand, you also need experts that provide a wide range of services.

At Warweg & Co., Inc., we hire technicians who are masters in every aspect of irrigation services. That way, we can provide you with the comprehensive list of services required to build your dream lawn and keep it maintained for years.

When you schedule an appointment for irrigation with our team, we will treat you to the following services:

Repair and replacement for various sprinkler systems


Backflow testing and installation

Spring startups

Annual maintenance and more...

In addition to sprinkler repair, our team can install a wide range of quality irrigation systems, each designed and set up to suit your lawn’s specific needs.

Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

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Having the right irrigation system is the most crucial part of maintaining a quality lawn. Whether drip irrigation or a sprinkler system, having the proper tools in place will bring your yard a long list of benefits, including the following:

Lush and healthy grass

With an irrigation system providing your grass with regular hydration, you can enjoy the benefits of a perfectly green lawn year-round without being at the mercy of Mother Nature’s natural water supply.

Automated lawn care

With a modern-day irrigation system, you can schedule when and how long you want your sprinklers to run without any additional labor. That way, you can reap the aesthetic benefits of blossoming grass and trees without spending hours watering them yourself.

Quality care for all plant life

With the right irrigation system, you can preserve all your outdoor vegetation’s health and stable growth, not just grass. Shrubs, flowers, trees, and grass will all blossom with a sprinkler system from Warweg & Co., Inc.

There are plenty of benefits to installing a high-quality irrigation system, but there are even more when you choose installation from Warweg & Co., Inc. We design our sprinkler systems not to waste water so that every drop will go straight to your plant life with minimal runoff.

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How We Perform Irrigation Services

You can’t keep a lawn healthy without a irrigation system and services specifically tailored to your yard and its needs. And at Warweg & Co., Inc., we will never offer you a one-service-fits-all solution to your lawn problems. Instead, we will take the time to study your outdoor spaces to find out what they need to grow into their ideal versions.

Before we install an irrigation system or begin a service, we will analyze these different lawn factors to determine how you can get the most from your investment:

The type of soil you have and the amounts of water it needs

The size and shape of your lawn

The different types of grass and plant life you have

With this knowledge on hand, we can deliver quality service built specifically for your lawn.

Start Building Your Dream Lawn With Warweg & Co., Inc.

At Warweg & Co., Inc., we believe in bringing the best to Indianapolis residents and their homes. For many, having the perfect house begins with having the perfect yard, and our irrigation systems and services can help you get there.

Our team will help with more than bringing water to your yard. We will transform your lawn from top-to-bottom with unrivaled irrigation system installation and a range of additional services that take unremarkable yards and turn them into works of art.

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