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Expert Mosquito Control for a Bug-Free Yard

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Summertime in central Indiana means lots of time spent enjoying the great outdoors. Don’t let mosquitoes destroy your summer fun! Our professional mosquito control treatment will keep you outdoors where you belong. Call Warweg & Co., Inc. today and get ready to forget you ever even had a mosquito problem!

Professional Mosquito Treatment

Mosquitoes can pose a serious health risk. They can carry diseases such as the West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, and encephalitis, to name a few. Our mosquito control treatments will effectively reduce the mosquito population at your home within a matter of hours.

There’s no reason to suffer the discomfort and worry of bites, itching, and the potential for mosquito-borne disease. Plus, all of our treatments are completely safe for humans and pets.

Keeping Those Pests Away

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Warweg & Co., Inc. can’t guarantee that EVERY mosquito will be gone, but we can promise that you won’t be bothered by them between treatments. Our process disrupts the mosquito lifecycle by treating adults, and habitats. We use a top-tier mosquito repellent formulation that protects your yard without the smell of bug spray or store-bought chemicals.

By re-treating once a month, we can keep those pesky intruders away from you all summer long, protecting your family and guests from mosquito-borne infectious diseases.

Mosquito Facts

Only the females bite. They do so because they need blood as a protein source for the eggs they carry. Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time.

Mosquitoes go through four life cycle stages – egg, larvae, pupa, and adult – over a period of about 10 to 14 days. Each stage can be identified by its appearance.

Eggs are laid singly but often attach together in groups of up to 200.

Larvae live in the water but come to the surface to breathe. They shed their skins four times in this stage.

The pupa is in a non-feeding, resting phase as they become an adult by undergoing a process similar to the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Adults must wait for their wings to dry before flying for the first time. They don’t start biting for a couple of days.

The carbon dioxide that humans exhale is like nectar to mosquitoes. They hone in on that and use their smell, heat, and sight to navigate.

Reduce Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Professional mosquito control services are the only way to keep your property bug-free for extended periods. However, there are a few natural solutions to prevent mosquitoes from disrupting your outdoor activities.

In a pinch, citronella candles can repel mosquitoes but do not eliminate them. Alternatively, you may place a small bowl of water with dish soap in it on your deck or patio. The mosquitoes will be attracted to the water but then drown in the dish soap.

Mosquitoes usually lay eggs on or near a water source, from as small as a puddle to as large as a pond. To help reduce your mosquito population, drain any pools of water in your yard, including such things as birdbaths, roof gutters, and garbage cans. Keep the water flowing in fountains, too, as eggs cannot be laid in moving water.

Why Choose Warweg & Co.?

Family-owned Warweg & Co., Inc. was founded in 1990. We work to stay on top of new technologies to ensure that we offer you the highest quality products and services. Our service technicians are experts in mosquito control.

Warweg & Co., Inc. has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2010, and all our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service while building relationships with our customers. We promise to treat you with respect, get the job done right, and fulfill our promises.

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