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What to Know About Drip Irrigation in Indiana

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Drip irrigation is an innovative way to take care of your lawn without wasting too much water. Installing a drip irrigation system can be a complicated process that requires professional tools and expertise. Our team at Warweg & Co., Inc. has what it takes.

Our experts specialize in irrigation services for residential and commercial properties in Greater Indianapolis and Central Indiana. With state-of-the-art drip irrigation systems, we can help you reduce your water consumption while keeping your turf green and healthy.

How Does Drip Irrigation Work?

Drip irrigation uses a series of valves and tubes to drip water slowly on or near the root of the plants rather than the leaves. Drip irrigation systems have six major components:

Gauges and valves

Water filters

Water delivery system

Water pressure regulators

System controller

Chemical injectors

Additionally, you can choose between two primary types of drip irrigation systems:


The dripline sits on the surface of the soil and drips water near the plants' roots


The dripline sits below the soil, up to a foot under, and delivers water directly to the roots

Since drip irrigation uses minuscule amounts of water, it works best for smaller areas such as gardens, hedges, planters, and flowerbeds. Due to the slow movement of water through the tubing, drip irrigation is ideal for saving water while still keeping your plants well-watered. In some cases, you can water a flower bed or planter with as little as one-fifth of a gallon per hour.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation

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Drip irrigation offers multiple benefits for residential and commercial yards.

Reduced Water Consumption

Anyone with a lawn or garden knows that it can take a significant amount of water to keep your greenery alive, sometimes increasing water waste and monthly utility bills.

Traditional sprinklers have between 50% and 70% efficiency, requiring gallons-per-minute measurements. In contrast, drip irrigation delivers water directly to the roots. As a result, drip irrigation systems are 90% efficient and measure gallons per hour.

Reduced Evaporation and Erosion Risk

Traditional watering systems spray water all over the leaves, stems, and petals of plants. With drip irrigation, the soil absorbs most of the water, which means less evaporation and a reduced risk of erosion.

Targeted Greenery Growth

Drip irrigation systems distribute water through strategic positioning. By watering specific sections of your yard or garden, you can enhance greenery, reduce erosion, and prevent nutrient loss without moving your garden hose around.

Our Drip Irrigation Services

At Warweg & Co., Inc., we know that a quality irrigation system is the key to maintaining a lush and healthy lawn. Our irrigation experts provide a wide range of drip irrigation services for every type of yard.

Drip Irrigation Installation

Do you want to upgrade your current irrigation system to a more water-efficient one? Call our team at Warweg & Co., Inc. to install a drip irrigation system.
Our installation process includes a series of meticulous steps:


First, we’ll inspect your yard to determine which layout and type of drip irrigation system are best for your lawn.

Cost Estimate

Once we know what equipment and labor are necessary, we’ll present you with a detailed and accurate estimate before getting to work.


Upon your approval, our experts will get to work by using the best equipment possible and installing every essential component of your new drip irrigation system. This includes the emitters, valves, drip lines, and backflow preventer.


To keep your new irrigation system running efficiently year-round, we offer comprehensive maintenance services that include winterizations, tune-ups, and backflow testing.

Drip Irrigation Maintenance and Repairs

Drip irrigation kits are complex systems that require the trained eye and tools of an experienced professional. Our technicians at Warweg & Co., Inc. understand the complex components of a drip irrigation system and can help keep yours running efficiently with expert maintenance services.

Without proper maintenance, your drip irrigation system is bound to run into a few problems. We can keep your irrigation system running longer. The best way to prevent irrigation malfunction is with routine maintenance. Our professionals can service your drip irrigation system with annual backflow testing.

However, you can take various DIY maintenance steps to keep your watering system running more efficiently if you regularly:

Clean the water filters

Unclog the emitters

Seal any punctures in the tubing

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