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Every homeowner deserves a lawn that they can be proud to put on display. But maintaining a lawn in prime condition is challenging work, and many homeowners don’t have the time. When it comes to your yard, you need a company you can trust.

Warweg & Co., Inc. offers local lawn care maintenance services in the greater Indianapolis area. We have been serving the community for over 30 years and have helped countless homeowners achieve the yard of their dreams. When you have a lawn emergency, Warweg & Co., Inc. should be your first choice.

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Common Lawn Care Problems

Below are some of the most common lawn problems we encounter in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Uneven Growth

Nothing is quite as frustrating as working on your lawn, only to find out your grass isn’t growing evenly. Uneven grass growth is typically a result of uneven seeding and shade from trees and shrubs on your lawn. We can recommend grass varieties that grow well in the shade, and we also offer aeration and seeding services to cover your yard uniformly.


Weeds are a homeowner’s worst nightmare as they can cover your yard and essentially suffocate your grass. Weeds are notoriously difficult to remove and often grow back again. We offer comprehensive weed control services to keep your yard clear and prevent weeds from returning.

Bald Spots

Your lawn may develop bald or thin spots in areas that see heavy foot traffic or pet activity. We can help fix these bald spots by reseeding your lawn and choosing a type of grass that is highly resistant to thinning.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are a common yard problem resulting from fungal spores that disperse around your yard. Fungal infections can cause yellowing/browning, bald spots, and low water retention. It’s important to tackle fungal infections quickly before they spread to other parts of your yard.

Pest Control

Perimeter pest control focuses on preventing insects from making it into your home and begin to cause problems. Our technicians treat the outside of your home creating a wide protective barrier around the house, which includes your landscaping and lawn directly.

Unbalanced Ecosystem

Your lawn itself forms a small ecosystem, complete with nutrient transfer and waste removal. Keeping your grass in good condition can help with breaking down organic chemicals. This process is important because your lawn relies on recycling nutrients from dead plant material in the soil. Letting your yard run wild not only hurts the aesthetics of your home but can also have adverse ecological impacts.

Advantages of Lawn Care

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There are several benefits to maintaining a healthy lawn, including those below.

Prevent Erosion

Your lawn provides a vital barrier against erosion and weathering from the elements. A properly manicured lawn maintains its integrity, preventing flooding or shifting your home’s foundation. In the worst cases, erosion can cause sinkholes in your lawn. Proper lawn care keeps soil in the correct positions and concentrations to avoid the effects of erosion.

Promote Growth

If you neglect to maintain your yard, you may notice problems with grass growth. For example, lawns require a thin layer of thatch to anchor new grass seeds, but too much thatch prevents seedlings from getting the water and light they need. Regular lawn care can make sure that your grass is getting optimal soil, water, and sunshine amounts.

Reduce Temperatures

Many do not realize it, but a healthy lawn helps maintain temperatures around your house and lower your cooling bills. Grass, trees, and shrubs absorb and disperse heat, which can have a cooling effect in warm weather. Indiana can experience fairly hot summers, so you’ll want to use every strategy possible to beat the heat.

Increase Home Value

Last but not least, a properly manicured lawn improves the curb appeal and aesthetic of your home. Consequently, maintaining your yard can significantly increase the resale value of your home. So not only is lawn care good for your home, but it’s also good for your wallet!

Prevent Flooding

Lawns play an essential role in directing water flow away from your house and its foundation. If your yard is unhealthy, water can seep through the soil into your foundation, which can lead to large-scale damage and expensive repairs. A healthy lawn will prevent flooding by absorbing excess water and preventing it from flowing back under your house.

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Our Lawn Care Services

We are currently offering our Hoosier Select plan, which provides our customers with a comprehensive lawn care program. Our Hoosier Select Plan is perfect for Midwest homeowners and includes:

Six application programs

Slow-release fertilizers

Spot weed control

Grub control

Free service calls between applications

The goal of our packaged deals is to provide comprehensive lawn care services. To that end, we tailor our services for each client’s yard. No two lawns are the same, so no two lawns require identical care.

Aside from our package deals, we also offer services such as:


Disease control

Mosquito control

Fungicide application

Perimeter pest management

Our team of skilled technicians has over 80 years of combined experience and is familiar with all types of grass and sprinkler systems. We can mold our lawn care routine around your home’s sprinkler system, making it more efficient and less water-intensive. We understand the importance of thoughtful customer service and will do our best to provide you with whatever lawn care services you need.

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