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Nothing makes a house feel like home more than well-kept front and back yards. With quality lawn care and regularly-maintained irrigation, you can build luscious outdoor spaces that are the talk of your Plainfield, IN neighborhood and are even more exciting than your home’s indoor areas.

However, creating a beautiful outdoor space isn’t easy, especially when the Plainfield weather isn’t working in your favor. Luckily, you can bring out the best in your yard with comprehensive lawn services from Warweg & Co.,, Inc.

With our unrivaled irrigation, lawn care, and outdoor lighting expertise, we will help you transform your front and back yards into thriving and healthy spaces with the perfect shade of green grass you’ve always dreamt of having.

We’ve brought perfect yards to Plainfield, IN, homeowners since we first opened our doors in 1990, and we’re ready to meet your lawn care needs next. Read through some of our customer reviews here to learn more about how we can help bring your yard to life.

Beautify Your Lawn with Sprinkler System Services in Plainfield, IN

A quality irrigation system is the backbone of every picture-perfect yard. With the right high-quality sprinkler system in place, you can create a lawn that looks and feels as healthy as you’d want.

When you schedule sprinkler system services from Warweg & Co., Inc. you’ll receive more than just a sound sprinkler system. Not only are our systems top-of-the-line, but we offer several different models and sizes to fit specific lawn needs and budgets. So, whether you have a spacious yard with various plants you want to keep in good health or a small lawn you want to look after on a budget, our team will install the perfect option for you.

However, having the correct drip irrigation or sprinkler system is only one part of quality irrigation and only a fraction of the services we provide for Plainfield, IN residents. Our sprinkler system services also include:

Backflow installation

Backflow testing

Spring startups

Front and back yard winterization

Not only are we dedicated to helping you build your dream yard, but we’re also committed to helping you maintain it after our initial services. That is why we offer annual irrigation maintenance plans: to make sure your equipment is functional and keep your yard healthy year-round.

Comprehensive Lawn Care in Plainfield, IN From Warweg & Co., Inc.

Man using spreader to fertilize grass

Keeping a yard growing and healthy is more of an exact science than you might realize and requires many small steps. For example, something as difficult to manage as pH levels in grass can be the difference between a yard with luscious grass and one with thin blades and a surplus of weeds.

You can take the heavy burden of meticulous lawn care out of your hands with services from Warweg & Co., Inc. Our lawn maintenance team offers comprehensive weed control to get those pesky, difficult-to-pull-out eyesores out of your yard for good. Additionally, we can fertilize your yard to adjust its pH levels and give the grass the nutrients it needs to thrive.

You can liven up your previously underwhelming lawns into works of art with our fertilization and weed control services. With over three decades of experience to our name, we’ve mastered the subtle sciences of proper lawn care and will bring that expertise to your Plainfield, IN home for a competitive cost.

If you’ve taken an interest in building a thriving lawn in the past, then you probably know there’s more to it than proper fertilizer. While weed control and fertilization are two of our most popular services and two of the most transformative lawn care tasks you can order, they’re far from all we offer. Warweg & Co., Inc. will bring your lawn a wide range of beneficial lawn care services, including:


Perimeter Pest Management

Grass & Plant Disease Control

Mosquito Control

Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation in Plainfield, IN

It’s natural to want to spend all day and night in your yard after building it into a dream space with proper irrigation services and lawn care. But when the sun sets and darkness takes over, enjoying the visual beauty of your lawn is impossible without the quality lighting fixtures.

Warweg & Co., Inc. offers professional outdoor lighting installation so that you can keep your lawn illuminated and accessible regardless of the time of day. We have several different types of lights available for your various outdoor areas, including:



Decks & Patios


Lighting an outdoor space isn’t a “one size fits all” project, as every yard has different lighting needs based on its size, features, and lighting accessibility. While you can find outdoor lights at department stores and install them without professional help, doing so will end with a subpar result.

Commercial lighting products are lower-quality than those at Warweg & Co., Inc. Additionally, installing lights without professional training will leave you struggling to find the proper placement for a product that will fail to get the job done anyway. Our team helps you illuminate your home with the best lights available, all installed by skilled professionals who install your lights quickly and efficiently.

Want to learn more about our team? Feel free to read through our about us page here, and don’t hesitate to give us a call when you’re ready to bring expert lawn services to your Plainfield, IN home.

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