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Custom Deck & Patio Lighting Services

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Decks and patios are great additions for outdoor entertainment in any home. They also extend your living space. With adequate lighting, you can accentuate the unique style of your decks and patios. You can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hanging out in a well-lit outdoor space. However, without deck & patio lighting, these advantages disappear when the sun goes down.

At Warweg & Co., Inc., we offer custom deck & patio lighting services for residents in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. We use low-voltage LED lights to make these areas more comfortable for your family.

We are a locally owned company with more than three decades of experience transforming patios and decks with strategic placement of lighting fixtures. Book an appointment to find out how we can breathe life into your outdoor space.

Advantages of Deck & Patio Lighting

More homeowners are investing sizable sums to make these spaces as comfortable as possible to enhance the outdoor experience. How does patio lighting help?

Deck and patio lights improve the nighttime ambiance around the property.

The lights make patios safer as it is easier to identify dangerous animals or insects that may come out at night.

Professional light installation makes nighttime navigation across the deck and patio floor easier.

Burglars will likely stay away from the property, as the patio and deck lights will expose them quickly.

Deck and patio lights ensure you can take full advantage of the space with no time limits.

Let’s help you transform your deck and patio with soft, inviting lights. We’ll give you a new spot for twilight activities and a place to take in the sights and sounds of the evening.

Our Deck & Patio Lighting Process

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When you hire Warweg & Co., Inc. for your deck lighting service, you get a team of highly experienced professionals equipped to deliver the perfect results.

We provide honest and practical advice from the first consultation session to the installation stage.

We choose lighting fixtures in line with your patio or deck design. With so many customization options to choose from, we never run out of ways to give your patio or deck a unique appearance.

Our customers are part of the design process because we pay attention to how you typically use the space before drawing up a quote. Our prices are accurate and competitive.

Once we’ve settled on a design and agreed on a quote, we move quickly to give you the picture-perfect patio or deck of your dreams.

Common Deck and Patio Lighting Problems

Some of the common problems you’ll experience after installing deck and patio lighting include:

Power Outages

Severe storms may trigger power outages. Your deck and patio lighting system will likely switch to battery mode for a few hours in this scenario, but if the outage lingers, the patio will go dark.

Tripped Breaker

Tripped breakers in your electric panel can keep your outdoor lighting from coming on at the right time. Returning the breaker to the active position solves the problem.

Water in the Electric Outlets

Severe storms or heavy rains can get into your electrical outlets. Fortunately, the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) will kick in to prevent more severe damage. However, your patio will remain dark until you hit the reset button on the GFCI outlet. Purchasing bubble covers for your outlets will prevent a recurrence.

Backyard with outdoor lighting on all the plants


You can illuminate a deck by installing light fixtures that complement the overall deck design. Some of the standard options include:

  • Deck stair lights
  • String lights
  • Under table lights
  • Recessed deck lights
  • In-floor lights
  • Under rail lights

Yes. They enhance the ambiance of the deck area, making the space more comfortable for evening activities.

You can light a dark deck by hiring a professional decks & patios outdoor lighting service to install compatible light fixtures across the space.

Give Your Deck and Patio a Lift with Professional Outdoor Lighting

At Warweg & Co., Inc., we’ve become the go-to specialists for deck & patio lighting in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. We are a fully insured and licensed local business. Call us today at (317)885-8983 to give your deck or patio a new look.

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