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Professional Sprinkler Repair in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area

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Sprinkler systems are essential tools in the battle to keep lawns healthy year-round. And as soon as the system breaks, that battle quickly turns from easy to impossible until you can fix it.

Warweg & Co., Inc. offers professional sprinkler repair for home and business owners throughout the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area. So as soon as your sprinkler system goes out or loses its effectiveness, our team will be on-site with friendly customer service and the best repairs in the state.

We have served the Indianapolis area since 1990, so when you hire our services, you know you’re receiving repairs from a team with unmatched expertise.

Common Sprinkler Issues

It’s easy to tell when a sprinkler stops working, but it’s not as simple to determine why your sprinkler has stopped functioning.

Though they might not seem like it, sprinkler systems are complex devices that face a long list of potential problems, including:

Sprinkler valve and pipe leaks

Missing or broken parts

Sprinkler clogs

Malfunctioning controller

Poor water pressure

Warweg & Co., Inc. can diagnose any sprinkler issue and repair it in just one appointment. Our three decades of serving Indianapolis have given us the experience to get any sprinkler system up and running again, no matter how big the system or its issues.

How We Can Fix Your Broken Sprinkler System

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Quality sprinkler repair demands more than a cursory glance at your irrigation systems. So at Warweg & Co., Inc, we will examine all of the sprinkler’s parts to search for lingering wear and tear, including:

Sprinkler valves

Sprinkler heads




With our team examining the entire system from top to bottom, there isn’t a problem that will be able to hide during our repair service.

Benefits of Professional Sprinkler Repair

There are several reasons why opting for a professional sprinkler repair service is better than trying to resolve the issues yourself, from repair accuracy to time-efficiency to financial savings.

Accurate and Timely Fixes

When you schedule a sprinkler repair service from Warweg & Co., Inc., you know you’re getting accurate fixes you can trust to last for years. However, when you try to tackle complex irrigation repairs on your own without the necessary tools and training, there’s no guarantee your efforts will have an impact.

Additionally, sprinkler repair is as time-consuming as it is challenging. Even if you’ve taken the time to learn how to repair the system properly, it will take hours without the experience of working through problems quickly. A professional team can guarantee proper repairs while saving you time and energy.

Cost-Friendly Utility Bills

A broken sprinkler system affects more than the health and growth of your plants. When these tools constantly leak water or run longer than they should, your utility bills will continue to skyrocket until you’ve addressed the issues.

Our sprinkler repair team will ensure that your lawn sprinkler has no leaks, operates as designed, and won’t waste a second doing it. Your water bill will stabilize with your sprinkler system releasing only the water needed to keep your lawn hydrated.

Reliable Lawn Care On-Demand

Unfortunately, when a sprinkler system stops working, the adverse effects will show within days. Many plants and grass types need constant care and hydration to stay healthy, and as soon as they don’t receive that attention, they quickly begin to wither.

With sprinkler repair from Warweg & Co., Inc., you can bring world-class sprinkler services to your home the moment you need them. Our team won’t waste a moment diagnosing and fixing the issues plaguing your sprinkler system. That way, you can avoid the risks of plant dehydration from settling in.

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