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Having the right irrigation system is the backbone of every healthy, picture-perfect lawn, and sprinklers are the most popular types of irrigation systems.

If you’re looking to bring a quality sprinkler system to your Indianapolis home and have it professionally set up for an affordable rate, look no further than Warweg & Co., Inc. Our team has served the Indianapolis community for years, providing the best sprinkler installation services on the market to houses throughout the metropolitan area.

When you schedule a sprinkler installation with our team, we will show you why Indianapolis homeowners have made our team the city’s top choice for sprinklers for over 30 years.

Benefits of Installing a Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are a high-quality, highly-flexible home water source. And when you choose to install a Warweg & Co., Inc. sprinkler system for your Indianapolis home, you will be treated to a long list of benefits that only the best irrigation services provide, including those below.

Perfect Lawn Maintenence

Sometimes, a quality irrigation system is the only difference between a dying lawn and one filled with healthy plants and lush green grass. With a top-quality sprinkler system from Warweg & Co., Inc, you can keep your yard growing comfortably, regardless of the weather the Indianapolis area throws at you.

Versatile Yard Care

Sprinkler systems come in several sizes and styles, many of which are versatile enough to keep a wide range of plant life growing comfortably. So regardless of whether you have a small front yard with just one type of grass or an expansive area with many kinds of shrubs, trees, and flowers, a sprinkler installation can handle your lawn needs.

Ease of Use

A pop-up sprinkler from Warweg & Co., Inc. will make your lawn care easier in the following ways:

  • Remote control that lets you turn off the water with one push of a button
  • Automated scheduling for when your sprinkler system turns on and how long it runs
  • Ability to water your lawn while you’re away from home

Our Sprinkler Installation Process

Sprinkler Installation processing by Irrigation pipe puller

At Warweg & Co., Inc, we know it takes more than a quick sprinkler installation to transform a yard. To truly get the most out of your lawn care investment, you need help from a team that won’t skip steps and bring you the best product possible.

Regardless of the size of your lawn, we will treat you to our perfected and comprehensive three-step sprinkler installation process:

Step One

Analyzing every aspect of your yard, from size and shape to soil type—knowing the exact dimensions of your lawn will help us determine how many sprinklers you need, where you need them, and how much water pressure they should produce.

Step Two

Custom-creating your system and sprinkler heads to help every square inch of your yard get the hydration it needs.

Step Three

Installing your new sprinkler system quickly and correctly so that every plant and soil plot gets the necessary water to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Quality sprinkler systems keep grass thriving and unwanted weeds from sprouting. Those benefits can boost the curb appeal and property value of your home.

Installing a sprinkler system is challenging work, and setting one up in a way that will maximize its effectiveness is nearly impossible without years of expertise.

While you can attempt DIY sprinkler installation, trusting the tough task to a professional team with three decades of experience like Warweg & Company Irrigation will save you time and stress and deliver a more effective product.

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