Sprinkler Systems, Lawn Care &
Outdoor Lighting solutions

Warweg & Co., Inc. installs high-quality sprinkler systems for homes and businesses in the Greater Indianapolis community. Our licensed and insured contractors will beautify the exterior of your home through our irrigation, lawn care, and outdoor lighting services. You can improve your home’s curb appeal by hiring our irrigation experts today.


The design of your sprinkler system is vital to it's success. Each blade of grass must receive the proper amount of moisture to create a healthy, balanced lawn. Our irrigation experts work tirelessly to provide you with greener grass through our top-notch sprinkler designs.

If your sprinkler system is not achieving the desired results, our team will diagnose and resolve the issue promptly.

Each spring, your irrigation system must wake up from it's hibernation. You do not use your sprinkler system in the winter, and you may experience issues restarting your sprinklers in the spring.


There is a limit to how successful your irrigation system can be if you do not practice proper lawn care maintenance. Fortunately, we also offer exceptional lawn care services for our clients.

To achieve greener grass, you must fertilize your lawn efficiently. Lawn fertilization refers to providing essential nutrients to your grass, enabling it to grow. For example, nitrogen is critical to ensure healthy grass.

Our fertilization contractors will give your grass everything it needs to flourish.


Outdoor lighting installation is one of our most requested services. A well-lit home is visually appealing and comes with many benefits. We also implement LED lights for many of our clients, which seem to increase in popularity each year.

They come with several benefits, including longevity, flexibility, and energy efficiency. Many LED lights come with dimmers, allowing you to control the brightness of your bulbs.