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If you are searching for a reputable outdoor lawn, lighting, and irrigation maintenance and installation service provider for your Bargersville, IN, home, we are here to help.

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At Warweg & Co., Inc., we pride ourselves on providing dependable outdoor services to our clients. We have three decades of experience providing reliable outdoor services to the residents of Bargersville and other Greater Indianapolis cities.

Our recognition from prestigious organizations, such as Angie’s List, demonstrates our optimal customer service and professional packages. You can refer to our customer reviews to read more about our diligent services.

Our trustworthy professionals provide quality lawn care, aeration, outdoor lighting, and weed control solutions. You can find out more about our services by contacting us today.

Some of the quality services Warweg & Co., Inc. offers to the residents of Bargersville include:

Spring, Mid-Summer, and Winter Seasonal Lawn Health Services

Start to Finish Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance

Certified Backflow Testing

Lawn Weed Control

Lawn Fertilizer Feeding

Overseeding and Aeration

Outdoor Lighting Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Embrace our hassle-free sprinkler system installation while you admire a weed-free and healthy lawn. We can help you create the perfect year-round outdoor lighting ambiance for your Bargersville, IN, home.

Hassle-Free Sprinkler Services Bargersville, IN Residents Rely On

Are you tired of watering your lawn and plants every day after work? If so, installing an efficient and cost-friendly irrigation system will help relieve that stress. Warweg & Co., Inc. offers several solutions to meet your irrigation needs from start to finish.

Our irrigation systems packages cater to the year-round maintenance and seasonal services needs of your lawn. We offer Hunter Irrigation Systems and many other sprinkler system installations as part of our high-quality services to Bargersville homeowners.

All our annual membership plans offer convenient and quality services covering priority scheduling, seasonal maintenance, replacement parts discounts, and preventative maintenance. Whether it is summer, spring, or winter, our dedicated team will always be at your service.

We also provide irrigation services to meet Indiana’s mandated state laws. Our service technicians are certified by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, meaning they are eligible to provide the certified backflow testing your systems need.

Our Optimal Aeration and Overseeding Services Can Ease Your Lawn Care Journey

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To ensure a properly trimmed and well-groomed outdoor space, investing in a lawn care service provider is essential. But paying for lawn care procedures throughout the summer and spring seasons can add up.

Our affordable overseeding and aeration packages offer a personalized plan for your lawn’s needs. Each plan covers your aeration and and seeding for your lawn.

Our quality overseeding services post-aeration are a great way to tie all your aeration and seeding together.  Get in touch with our customer service agents to receive a quote for your aeration package.

The Best Lawn Care Services Bargersville Has to Offer 

No one wants a brown and dry outdoor space. The overspreading of weeds and an unhealthy lawn can eventually lead to a barren garden.

Our lawn care packages provide services that adhere to your weed care and fertilizer needs. Call us to enroll in our world-class Hoosier Select Plan to maintain a healthy and pest-free garden.

Our services will ensure the maintenance of your lawn throughout the year, enabling you to have a weed-free outdoor space that survives the winters and summers of Bargersville. Contact us or visit our official page to find further information about our lawn care services.

Safeguard and Beautify Your Home’s Outdoor Space with Our Outdoor Lighting in Bargersville, IN

Outdoor Pathway Lighting

A well-lit outdoor space offers a soothing view to the eyes of every homeowner and its nearby residents. Imagine pulling into your home from work every evening to the sight of an illuminated outdoor landscape! With our outdoor lighting expertise and services, that dream becomes a reality.

We understand the value of a personalized touch. Therefore, our technicians work with you to find a design and installation plan that works for you.

Call our agents and allow us to provide a design and installation proposal that will brighten and safeguard your outdoor space.

About Bargersville, Indiana

Bargersville is among the best places to live in Indiana. With a revolving climate, there are different lawn care needs for each season. That is why it is crucial to hire our lawn care professionals to provide seasonal services for your home.

By eliminating the stress of your lawn care and irrigation needs, you can get back to enjoying small-town life in Bargersville, Indiana.


Our plan covers a six-application process, waiting approximately seven to eight weeks between each part of the process. During the lawn care process, our qualified technicians will provide preventative crabgrass control, spot weed control, grub control, slow-release fertilizer, and broadleaf weed control applications.

We offer three primary irrigation service packages while keeping our clients’ financial preferences in mind. You can choose from our classic, elite, or prestige plans to meet all your sprinkler lawn needs.

We pride ourselves on providing low-cost and durable LED outdoor lighting fixtures. For example, you can get a low voltage ten fixture LED package starting at just $1,995 today.

Add Beauty, Health, and Value to Your Lawn and Outdoor Space with Our Highly Reputable Exterior Services For Your Bargersville Residence

Our Warweg & Co., Inc. outdoor lighting technicians and agents provide dependable and quality exterior services to Bargersville, IN, and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on catering to all your lawn care, sprinkler system, and lighting needs using the highest quality products available on the market.

Let us handle all your outdoor weed elimination, lawn fertilization, sprinkler maintenance, and outdoor lighting ambiance needs. Our certified and expert technicians are there to meet and exceed your exterior design goals year-round.

Call us at (317) 885-8983, or fill out a customer questionnaire form on our official website to get a pocket-friendly quote for our exterior services. We provide what you need to ensure a beautiful and well-maintained home in Bargersville, IN.

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