Why Did My Sprinklers Stop Working?

Sprinkler watering grass

A sprinkler system is essential in keeping a healthy lawn. It helps keep your yard green, hydrated, and attractive. It can be frustrating for homeowners when a sprinkler system doesn’t work correctly. A malfunctioning sprinkler system can lead to having a drought in your garden, killing your plants, or damaging your landscaping.

This article will talk about the most common reasons that sprinklers stop working and how you can fix them.

1. Clogged sprinkler heads/nozzles

Debris that builds up in the sprinkler head can result in clogged heads or nozzles. It can block the flow of water coming out of the sprinkler, preventing you from watering your lawn correctly. It can result in a dehydrated and brown lawn. It’s important to remember that debris like leaves, grass, sticks, and dirt can get in the sprinkler’s head.

If you notice any debris build-up, it’s best to remove it as soon as possible. You can remove the debris by using a pressure washer or hose. Sprinkler heads that are damaged due to the hard debris build-up should be replaced immediately.

2. Sensors and timers stopped working

The primary function of sensors and timers is to let a sprinkler system operate efficiently throughout the day. When these devices fail, your sprinkler system may not work at the specific schedule you set it up, or it might run continuously and flood your yard. It can lead to less efficient watering and a lot of wasted water. In some cases, sensors and timers break due to overuse or exposure to extreme temperatures.

Broken sensors and timers usually need replacement. These parts can be purchased online or locally from a home improvement store. Sometimes, sensors and timers just need a battery replaced to function properly again.

3. The main valve isn’t open or it might be broken

The main valve controls the flow of water through the sprinkler system. If it isn’t opened correctly, water won’t flow. The main valve is typically controlled manually. Occasionally, it can get jammed or stuck.

When your sprinkler system seems to be malfunctioning, check your main valve. Inspect it to see if it’s opened properly. If the main valve doesn’t open correctly, it’s recommended to replace it with a new one.

4. Water isn’t flowing through the system

Waterflow through the sprinkler system depends on many factors, such as the size of the pipe, the amount of water pressure, and whether there are leaks in the pipes. If the water stops flowing through the entire system, it could mean one or more of these things:

  • Obstruction that prevents water from going through the sprinkler system.
  • Leak in one of the sprinkler lines.
  • Broken valves

The best way to address these problems is to have an expert inspect the system. With the help of an irrigation professional, you can have all the components of the system checked. They can help fix the problem if your sprinkler malfunctions or some parts should be replaced.

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