When Should You NOT Fertilize Your Lawn?

Professional spreading lawn fertilizer to cultivate lawn

Fertilizing your lawn allows it to receive the nutrients that help the grass grow and flourish. However, when fertilizing your yard, you must learn a few things, including the right time to fertilize your lawn. Knowing when to fertilize your lawn is essential to maintaining its health and appearance. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Don’t fertilize when it’s winter or early spring

Your lawn needs an extended period to recover from the cold weather. Fertilizing in this season may cause your lawn to become weak and sickly. The ideal temperature to fertilize your lawn is 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Any lower than this, your lawn will struggle to maintain nutrients. In most cases, you’ll want to fertilize your lawn from April to May (spring) when temperatures get warmer.

2. Don’t fertilize when it’s raining

Fertilizing your lawn during rainy days will only worsen your yard. Rainwater can wash away all the fertilizer applied on top of your soil. It makes it difficult for your grass to absorb these nutrients. It’s best to wait around three days after a rain shower before fertilizing your lawn. This time is enough for the moisture to evaporate off your lawn’s surface without it being too dry.

3. Avoid fertilizing your lawn in the sweltering heat

If you’re not supposed to fertilize during heavy rains, you’re also not supposed to fertilize on scorching days. During these days, lawns tend to lose their ability to retain moisture. When this happens, your lawn becomes drier and less able to absorb nutrients. As a result, it won’t be able to take advantage of any nutrients applied to it. To avoid such problems, wait until it’s a little cooler before applying fertilizer.

4. Don’t fertilize without knowing your grass type

Lastly, you shouldn’t fertilize your lawn without knowing your grass type. There are different kinds of grasses, and they all require additional nutrients to survive. Knowing your grass type will help you determine what nutrients and fertilizer your grass needs to stay strong and healthy. Failing to consider your grass type could lead to poor results since some types of grasses need specific nutrients while others don’t.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Proper lawn care and maintenance require fertilization. Here are some perks of adequate lawn fertilization.

  1. To nourish your soil is one of the main reasons you should fertilize your grass each year. Many of the minerals required for grass development in the soil are lost over time. You will have dead grass and stunted growth if these nutrients are not replenished.
  2. The cost-effectiveness of using a fertilization service is a major benefit. Unlike other lawn care services, getting a good fertilization treatment doesn’t have to be too expensive. You can just use our services occasionally each year to maintain a stunning lawn. Fertilization is so practical and yet it gives outstanding result when done right so it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Fertilization Services at Warweg & Co., Inc.

Fertilizing your lawn is a strict science requiring much knowledge and hard work. Leave it to the experts to ensure it’s effective! Warweg & Co., Inc. offers top-notch fertilization services in the Indianapolis area to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Our team of professionals can provide you with various fertilization options depending on your lawn’s specific needs. To know more about our services, contact us today at (317) 885-8983.

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