Is Your Lawn a DIY Lawn?

Brick house with green lush lawn

Let’s face it, a beautiful lawn needs consistent attention. As much as we’d like it, this is not an activity that can be done once and then forgotten about. Instead, lawn care is a routine that constantly changes – based on the seasons. Every season for lawn care demands something different. Because of this, lawn maintenance is not something to be done when you have spare time. It is a rigorous routine that needs to be followed for a perfect healthy lawn. Seems like a lot of work, right?

The simple truth is a healthy lawn is what every homeowner loves to wake up to. As a well-known name in irrigation and lawn maintenance service in the Indy market, Warweg & Company strongly recommends homeowners hire professional lawn care service providers and not opt to do lawn maintenance as a DIY routine. We believe every blade of grass is precious to build the lawn of your dreams.

Here are three primary reasons we believe you should hire a professional lawn maintenance company:

#1. Precaution Is Better Than Cure

One huge chunk of responsibility that lawn maintenance services have is, to protect the lawn from diseases. Problems like brown patches, mildew, red thread etc., pose a threat to the health of the lawn. A few diseases occur due to changes in seasons and the others due to various reasons like overwatering, insect infestation, etc.

Regular lawn maintenance is a task that helps keep a regular check on your turf and schedules treatments that prevent the lawn from being affected by such diseases.

#2. Science Behind Lawn Care

Science is nothing but having the right knowledge. Taking care of your lawn based on the perfect fertilization schedule plays a vital role. Lawn care science helps professionals use a good blend of essential fertilizers and nourishments that have a great impact in terms of nourishing and enriching the soil and improving quality & health of the turf.

#3. Confidence

When you do lawn care activities on your own, you might be having many doubts and questions before performing the tasks. Your head is probably filled with questions like, how high do I set the mower height during the spring season? Or something like, what needs to be the proportion of chemicals? Do I use them concentrated or diluted and so on? Well, when you seek professional care, you are saved from this confusion and your lawn is saved from the trial and error treatment format.

When you hire professionals, they know exactly what needs to be done when, therefore your lawn is in safe hands.

These are a few essentials reasons that need you to go for professional lawn care services. I am quite sure you might be aware of other reasons, but still mentioning them as a recap:

• Curb Appeal
• Consistency
• Proactive
• Cost saving
• Time Saving

We recommend you choose professional services right from the beginning to eliminate the possibility of going wrong and ruining the lawn, which then takes a lot of effort and money to get back in a good shape.

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