Why Is My Sprinkler Valve Not Working?

Sprinklers keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round, so keeping all parts of the system in good working order is essential. One of the crucial parts you need to keep an eye on is the sprinkler valve, which is a component that controls how much water gets into the pipe that leads from the […]

How Long Does a Lawn Sprinkler System Last?

lawn sprinklers turned on

Sprinkler systems are vital in keeping your lawn looking its best all year round. However, you should keep in mind that sprinkler systems don’t last forever. They can keep working for years, but you need to replace them eventually. So how long does a lawn sprinkler system last? Here’s what you need to know. Causes […]

Why Did My Sprinklers Stop Working?

Sprinkler watering grass

A sprinkler system is essential in keeping a healthy lawn. It helps keep your yard green, hydrated, and attractive. It can be frustrating for homeowners when a sprinkler system doesn’t work correctly. A malfunctioning sprinkler system can lead to having a drought in your garden, killing your plants, or damaging your landscaping. This article will […]

When Should I Winterize My Irrigation System?

Sprinkler system valve box

(Originally Published in October 2018) Labor Day has come and gone, the kids are back in school, and the holidays are fast approaching. With all the things going on in our lives, it’s sometimes easy to forget the small things. Like changing the batteries in the smoke detectors, replacing your furnace filters, or checking out the snow blower before that first […]

Mid-Summer Check Ups Made Easy

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The super hot days combined with the minimal rainfall we’ve experienced in the Indy area over the past few weeks sure has taxed our beautiful lawns. As a result of heavy system usage, we’ve heard from some of you who didn’t initially sign up for one of our Preferred Customer Maintenance Packages with questions or concerns about your […]

Backflow Preventer: Protection During Colder Temperatures

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Hard to believe, but it’s nearly that time of year again! With the weather forecast calling for much lower temperatures coming up, just remember to cover your backflow preventer (PVB) if we haven’t winterized your system yet. This is pretty easily done by just wrapping an old towel or blanket around it and then covering […]

Is Drip Irrigation Right For Your Plant Beds?

Purple and orange flowers in garden

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of technological developments in the field of irrigation. Although all irrigation systems provide water to plants, the methods for doing so vary widely. Surface irrigation techniques involve covering an entire field with water. Overhead irrigation wets the plants but produces runoff. In contrast, drip irrigation is a much […]