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deck with under seating lights

Perhaps you are thinking of building or remodeling a pool and patio area.  Along with that will come an investment in landscaping to set off the new additions and create a beautiful and serene environment for your outdoor relaxation.

Our normally mild Midwest weather is perfect for enjoying the outdoors for at least three seasons every year — which makes for great outdoor enjoyment and entertaining.  So don’t forget about landscape lighting in your project. It can make the most out of your lawn, garden, and outdoor living spaces.

With over 20 years of outdoor lighting expertise, we have come up with 5 pertinent reasons for your consideration:


We’re not trying to be facetious. If your landscape is dark, you may be losing an opportunity to add beauty and enjoyment of your investment in your outdoor gardens.  No matter how awesome your view may be, that view may disappear after dark.  Make your own beautiful view with lighting, whether enjoying it from your patio or looking out your windows.


Perhaps you have a fountain or water feature in your patio or landscape?  Make it shine at night with targeted lighting.  Or better yet, add colored LED lights that can be programmed to change colors – for anything from parties to zen-like relaxation in the evening. You can use up-lights to feature significant trees or set off specific features of your home.  Using the new LED lights, white color temperature – and even color – can be varied to create just the right effects that blend well together.


Lighting can add a measure of safety to your outdoor spaces.  Walking paths can be lit, either at night or triggered by embedded sensors when there is motion.  Heavily wooded areas may be gently lit at the edges to provide a feeling of perimeter safety.  With a comprehensive lighting plan, your property can be tastefully illuminated for safety – yet not appear garish.


Chances are your property already has some outside lighting. Perhaps it’s still equipped with incandescent lighting or Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. The world is moving to LED lighting because of its vastly better efficiency, control-ability, and flexibility.  If you have older lighting, consider replacing all your lights with a LED-based lighting control system, and you will save long term on both maintenance and energy costs.


Today’s technology makes controlling your lighting so much simpler than ever before.  Not only can you turn on and off the lights at the right times, but with a home automation system, you can tie in other systems with your lights. For example, when you’re ready to hit the spa after a long day, one button on a touchpad or smartphone app can set the heater on to the right temperature, turn on specific lights in and around the spa, and play a favorite music album on your outdoor speakers.

Are you ready light up your landscape?   Call Warweg Outdoor Lighting at (317) 885-8983 to schedule your FREE design analysis and consultation. We are always happy to “shed some light” on your property!

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