Outdoor Lighting Adds a New Level of Home Security

rock house with outdoor lights and a walkway

According to law enforcement, residential burglaries are usually crimes of opportunity often caused by homeowner oversight. They say it is just as important to secure your residence (even if you are home) as it is to secure your vehicle at the local shopping mall. It does not take long at all for even an inexperienced thief to locate and remove valuables from your home. An experienced thief may even enter and leave your property without your knowledge!

It has often been said that a well-lit home is a home of less trespass. If you have been paying attention to the news and police reports of late, then you understand that residential crime is on the rise and no neighborhood is exempt.

When visiting with homeowners regarding their lighting choices, security lighting is often one of their top priorities. We usually hear a reference to “motion lighting” as the only option when thinking of security lighting. It is our opinion, as well as many other lighting design experts, that motion lighting has its drawbacks. Primarily, this is because by the time a motion light has been activated a trespasser has already entered your property to activate it. Therefore, motion light is not considered to be much of a deterrent to an intruder. Another drawback? How many times have we become numb to that annoying motion light that has turned on and off every time the wind blows or the dog walks by?

An experienced lighting designer will incorporate security lighting with beautification and ambiance, so as to transform the dark and ominous to friendly and familiar. It is through education and experience of knowing how and what fixtures and techniques to use, to properly balance your outdoor lighting.

Remember, most intruders are opportunists. They will seek out the path of least resistance. Many times this is being able to go undetected and out of sight. A home with proper landscape lighting should be created, not only to beautify, but should also address entry points and possible areas of intrusion. When discussing security lighting, we think more about the overall property. Architectural elements should always be considered for creating that additional fulfilled look and feel of safety, security and curb appeal or ambiance. Expanding the design element to your driveway lighting and garage lighting, are equally important to deter would be intruders.

Security lighting is very important for your home, don’t wait until after you have experienced a burglary yourself to contact our office and meet with our Lighting Design Expert to see what we can do for you. Not only will you feel safe sleeping at night, with the integrated security that we design for your home but you will also receive the benefits of a beautifully lit landscape.

Are you ready light up your landscape?   Call Warweg Outdoor Lighting at (317) 885-8983 to schedule your FREE design analysis and consultation. We are always happy to “shed some light” on your property!

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