Seasonal Maintenance

If our lawns only lived in perfect conditions, everything would be easy. Unfortunately, as the seasons change, the needs of our lawns do as well. To better help you protect your lawn and ensure healthy growth, we offer Seasonal Maintenance.

Spring start-ups

One of our skilled service technicians will come to your site and provide the spring start-up. This includes turning on the water supply and related backflow prevention device, as well as, going through the entire system and inspecting each sprinkler for proper coverage and functionality.

Mid-Summer check-ups

These check-ups are a preventative maintenance step used to make sure the system is functioning properly during the heat of the season. Our technician will go through each zone and inspect each sprinkler to make sure they are operating properly.


This service is provided to make sure the system is properly shut-down for the winter months. Our service technician will use compressed air to blow out all the lines of the system and prep the system for the winter. This is a necessary step to maintain the system during the cold winter months.

Backflow Testing

Yearly backflow testing is a requirement in the State of Indiana by most water companies, and all of those in Central Indiana. The purpose of having your backflow device tested is to ensure none of the non-potable water in the system back siphons into the domestic supply causing contamination. You must be certified by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to perform this test. Currently, we have 5 members of our staff certified to perform this test.