Core aeration and overseeding

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We are excited to announce that we will now be offering core aeration and overseeding services beginning in 2015! Over the years, we have had numerous clients ask us, “Why don’t you guys do aeration so I don’t have to have two separate companies come out in the fall?” Well, they had a point! Most of our clients who had aeration done asked us to come out before so we could mark their sprinklers to avoid damage. That won’t be necessary from now on as we will be able to perform both services beginning this season!

First of all you may ask, what is core aeration? Core aeration, or aeration, is the process of using a mechanical device to penetrate the soil while removing a plug  which will then be left to break down on the surface. The benefits of this process to the lawn are numerous! I will use a Q&A format to give you some more information about aeration and overseeding.

Q: What are some benefits of aeration and overseeding?

A: Aeration provides a number of benefits to a lawn including the fact it allows water, fertilizer and oxygen to get all the way down to the root zone. It greatly reduces compaction and enhances heat and drought stress tolerance and allows the roots to grow deeper which creates a healthy and thicker lawn. Aeration also creates a perfect environment for overseeding as it promotes direct seed to soil contact.

Q: Why should I overseed after aeration?

A: Overseeding after aeration will give the see access directly to the soil after the holes have been opened up and before the cores start to break down.This process should help in getting the seed to germinate quickly and promote a healthier, thicker lawn.

Q: What time of year should aeration be done?

A: While aeration can be beneficial in the spring or fall, in our market, we recommend doing it in the fall (Late August-Early October).

Q: Should I water before of after aerating?

A: Actually, both would be ideal! Watering before will allow the machine to penetrate the soil nicely and produce a good soil core while opening a good sized deep hole. Watering after is beneficial given the fact it helps break down the cores while also allowing the water direct access to the roots. An added benefit to allowing Warweg & Company to perform the aeration and overseeding service is the fact that we will reprogram the irrigation controller to run optimally once we complete the service! This will help your lawn get the most benefits from the aeration.

Q: Do I need to have someone come out and locate my sprinklers or utilities before you aerate my lawn?

A: No! Unlike other companies, we will locate sprinkler heads at no additional charge since that is our core business. We will also call Indiana 811 before we come out so that they can locate your cable, phone line, gas line, etc. For a nominal fee, we will also locate your invisible dog fence, if you have one, before we perform aeration since that is not included in the Indiana 811 service.