Think Spring! Green schedule cards coming soon!

Thankfully, after another cold winter, it is time to start thinking about spring! Once again, Amy and Cindy have been working hard to schedule all of the spring start-ups. Be looking for the bright green postcard from us giving you your start-up date. As always, if you have any issue with the date, please contact us to make changes. We look forward to seeing all of you soon!! … [Read more...]

New for ’15, aeration and overseeding service!

We are excited to announce that we will be adding a new service this season! Beginning this year, we will be perfoming core aeration and overseeding in the late summer/early fall. Take a look at the full page covering aeration and overseeding under the "our services" tab here on the website. The page has a Q&A and will answer many questions you may have about the service. Call or email us today so that we can get you free estimate and get you on our list for the fall!! … [Read more...]

Preferred Customer Program ’15 coming soon!!

Be looking for the 2015 version of our Preferred Customer Program in your mailbox soon! We are wrapping up the final details and will have it your way in mid to late January. This year's PCP will also contain our first newsletter of the season in a new format. We are excited about it and the fact it will contain some information about a new service offering! Make sure to be on the lookout for an envelope from us in your mailbox soon! … [Read more...]

Upcoming cold temps, please cover your backflow if your system hasn’t been winterized!

As the cold temperatures approach, it may be wise to cover your backflow preventer. If the temperature is forecasted to drop below 40 degrees, we recommend covering the device if the system hasn't already been winterized. This can be done simply by wrapping the device with an old blanket or sheet and then covering it with a trash can, trash bag or similar item. The backflow preventer is typically located near the side of the home like the one shown in the picture below. Please let us know if you … [Read more...]

Citizens Water Customers Please Read!!

We were just notified by mail from Citizens Energy Group (formerly Indianapolis Water Company) that they will no longer be taking the results of the mandated backflow test by fax. Their policy has always been for us to fax them the results of the test once we have performed it at your home. However, they have now made it mandatory for us to send the results electronically to them with one caveat, it will cost us $9.95 for EACH report sent to them! Keep in mind, we currently have approximately … [Read more...]

Winterization Cards Coming Soon

Be on the look out for your pre-scheduled winterization date in the mail soon! It will be delivered on a bright green postcard with your scheduled date and timeframe. We will be using the same process as we did for Spring start-ups. As stated on the card, you will be receiving a reminder call shortly before the scheduled appointment. … [Read more...]

Covering Your Backflow Device


The most susceptible item of an irrigation system to be damaged during freezing conditions is the backflow preventer. In our area, the most common backflow preventer is the Pressure Vacuum Breaker, or PVB. However, you will also see a few Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly's, or RPZ's. In either case, the device should be covered to prevent damage in the event of freezing temperatures before we have been out to perform the winterization service. If temperatures are forecasted to drop below 40 … [Read more...]

Monitor your Spring time watering

DB 3-19-08: new solar sync overlay updated

Once our service technicians have been to your property to activate your system, they will normally leave the controller in the “run” position unless told otherwise. However, the temperature and weather conditions can vary widely in the Spring and you typically may not need to water this early. Feel free at any time to monitor your controller and just put it in the “Off” position until you need to run it. You can also give us a call and ask us about the Solar Sync option which will make … [Read more...]

Look for your start-up date reminder card!

As most of you already know, a green reminder card has been sent out with your “start up date” on it. This is the first time we have used this system and it seems to be working well. Please note that you will also be receiving a reminder call prior to the scheduled date by the service technician. That normally is done the day before. Please keep us up to date with any phone number changes as we will use whatever number we have in the system. See you soon! … [Read more...]